Journal Terminology

African /afrəkən/ (noun) a person who is clearly a “close” descendant of people from East Africa, a region comprised of countries now known as Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Their color variation ranges from bronze, dark reddish-brown, dark or nut brown, dark-chocolate color plus “peppercorn” hair

Faggot /faɡət/ (noun) a sodomite, coward, reprobate

Ima /im-ə’/ (noun) is an acronym for inbred mutant albino, an observable and scientifically valid definition defining modern day Europeans, people with lanky hair, and little to no ability to produce melanin in sufficient amounts, as intergenerational albinos who have reached a stable  biological form

Ukulwa /’u-koo-shlwaa/ (noun) fighting, battle against non-Africans to the death. To be martyred for fighting against non-Africans

Umlungu/abelungu  /umˈluːŋu/ /aɓeˈluːŋu/ white scum of the sea, referring to the way Europeans came ashore in Africa when they first arrived