Understanding African Centered Biological Nationalism

African + non-African = non-African

Offspring who are the product of an African and a non-African sexual union are not African. This is a fact and to think contrary is absurd. The time has arrived for Africans in mass to investigate for themselves this core postulation and foundation of African Centered Biological Nationalism. Researching the basis of this axiom and accepting it, is the only way for Africans to ensure their prosperity and survival.

How are African people unique versus Chinese people biologically? We need to encourage this conversation to excite the African imagination and isiphelo (determination, Zulu). We must continue the conversation as to why the biological survival of the African has to be a planned event and why practicing an uniquely African ethics founded on African biological survival is genius.

African Centered Biological Nationalism by axiom wants adherents, ACBN loyalist, to be vanguards of thoughts and actions focused on creating space for Africans to defend and support their biological existence.

African man
Chinese man
Chinese man

Nonetheless,  I recently read some blog criticism towards the ACBN ideology. The opposition was an African male (judging from his picture) who was aware of Amos Wilson’s influence on my thinking and ideas. This young man attacked the ACBN approach as being divisive and un-Amos Wilson.


In some respects it can be difficult to articulate to Africans the importance of phenotype. The focus on phenotype seems at base vain. Yet, it is analogous to a scientist inspecting a mineral / pure element and taking note of the mineral’s color, luster, and texture. Observing these traits is vital for an understanding of the element.

Of course measurable values would be calculated as well, i.e., the elements density, grams/moles, and atomic weight. Yet, the elements visual representation is a symbol. Thus, visually identifying an element conveys to a scientist quite a few ideas before a detail analysis is done if not everything before a detail analysis is done.


This is the way Africans should view African Centered Biological Nationalism


19 thoughts on “Understanding African Centered Biological Nationalism

      1. As is apparent by this picture — fetishes retard mans’ judgement and soul — and weakens mans’ resolve.

        What this man did was highly backwards. This man killed off his line.

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  1. Yup, breed himself right out of existence, and with someone so clearly beneath him.

    And agreed RE: fetishization. It completely warps and forestalls good judgement. His was not unlikely fueled in part by porn media. And with the unregulated internet normalizing all manner of sexual sadism, many African boys and girls are being raised on that poison and having their developments stunted by thinking that sickness is sex.

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    1. The pornography more than anything is the reason for many of these interracial relationships. Pornography negatively influences males to focus on lust and immediate sexaul gratification.

      Furthermore, while expressing yourself sexually is an important component of human life, there must be ways to codify the behavior. What is healthy and what is unhealthy sexual behavior? Healthy being, what behavior does not harm people?

      We have to think of health in this fashion by the way also.

      It is only the lack of healthiness that determines healthiness.

      Nonetheless, the “white” woman represents power, manhood, and amoralism to some of the self loathing, backward or defeated. This is why African men such as this in the above picture do not care what other African people think of their obvious affront to the groups solidarity.

      Their lust for immediate satisfaction is nestled in the fabric of their selfish character.

      Although I did not present this picture to analyze this African male’s relationship with the “white” woman. I hypothesize that he sought to find a “white” woman to marry so as to have a perceived “comfortable” life.

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      1. Porn is very unhealthy for the African mind. It damages the mind. I had a co-worker that was addicted to porn. He told me he had over 100 porn dvd’s. All he talked about was his love for white girls. His mind was totally LOST! It creates what I call a “white flesh fetish”. Black men need to stay away from this garbage! It creates a mental sickness that is very hard for many men to shake.

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      2. Who is that African man with that albino beast? He looks somewhat familiar? And do you see that BIG ass grin on his face?? He is just so proud! He really thinks he upgraded by diluting his bloodline. The true definition of mentacide. *sigh*

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  2. All African people should stay away from pornography. Porn is a white man’s invention. According to my definition of homosexuality, (i.e. promiscuity outside of love and/or procreation), all pornography is gay. The porn consumer is engaged in a promiscuous masturbatory fantasy. He is not focused on his marriage and progeny. We must keep in mind that homosexuality was the norm in Greece and Rome.

    It is NOT normal in African culture. From what I believe, it should be clear that homosexuality is incompatible with heterosexuality, just as promiscuity is incompatible with monogamy. Just as Africans can not coexist peacefully with Europeans. Gay activists admit their goal is to destroy heterosexuality. Pornography is poisoning heterosexuality.

    There could be an argument made that there is a place for tasteful nudity as a stopgap while seeking marriage. But as most people know , pornography has reached epidemic proportions. “Adult Video News” predicts revenue of $12.6 billion this year. The Internet has literally thousands of porn sites. TV and pop music increasingly are pornographic.

    Pornography warps the way a man sees all women and girls. Many sites include girls as young as 14. And more black women are getting into porn as well. Young black females think they are useful for one thing only.

    Thousands in the porn industry display what everyone has instead of cultivating what is rare and valuable: femininity. I hate to burst the bubble on a billion dollar industry: Young naked albino women are practically identical. They have identical equipment.

    Do black men need to see literally thousands of examples? There is something addictive here. This is just promoting an interracial fetish.

    It’s brainwashing young black men to think of white women as some type of trophy. I don’t understand why men don’t get sick of it. Why don’t they suffer from gynecologist’s fatigue? The plethora of breasts and splayed legs takes the wonder out of sex and causes contempt for women and impotence. Maybe this is the point: new drugs keep people running on empty. Sexual attraction is mostly a function of a woman’s fertility. Women are designed to marry and procreate when they are young and most attractive.

    Marriage ensured that men would have to commit if they wanted sex. By undermining marriage, occult social engineers have turned a critical social and reproductive activity into a lifetime obsession, better to divert, degrade and control the masses.

    Finally, we were not prepared for the attack on our very humanity by “sexual liberation” and porn. Marriage and family are the essential building blocks of society.A strong black family ensures that each new generation of Africans is properly nurtured and prepared for life. This is what black people need to be focused on. Most people receive values, purpose, identity and love from their family roles. Heterosexuality provides life with profound meaning. There is no greater potential for love than marriage and parenthood. Raising a child is the supreme act of devotion and faith in God(whatever your belief) and is practiced and tested every day. Homosexual social engineering is gradually destroying these sources of happiness and health, personal and societal. Porn is an attack on the African family in my opinion.

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    1. Thanks for asking. Growing up as a child I had heard of polygamy. But I didn’t quite understand it because I grew up with just a mother and father. Polygamy seemed like a very foreign concept. This is natural considering I grew up in a western society. But as I’ve gotten older I have studied a lot about it over the years. And now I look at it from a different perspective. Traditionally, most African societies have practiced a custom of polygyny or polygamy. This custom allows a man to have as many wives as he can support. These wives were married according to local custom and they were all legal in the understanding of the local world-view. Such a practice was not considered evil or immoral/sinful until the Christian(IMA) missionaries arrived in Africa.

      There are many reasons why Africans practiced and valued polygamy. There’s are the main ten in my opinion.

      1. A man’s wealth was measured by the number of his wives as well as the number of his children and cattle or livestock.

      2. It was prestigeous to have many wives. For instance, the Kabaka Mutesa I of Buganda resisted Christian baptism because he was asked to divorce his many wives and “wed” with one! The queen mother, said that it was unheard of for a king to have one wife like just the poorest commoner!

      3. In political terms the more wives one had, the more political alliances one could form, and therefore, become a very powerful power broker and effective politician or tribal leader, chief or king.

      4. In agricultural societies, human labor was essential and therefore, poly- gamy provided more hands to work in the fields and produce more food, or more cash crops for sale. Thus, polygamy produced wealth, at least for the man as well as the whole group which the patriarch supported.

      5. Women and children were safer in larger households where they were better protected from aggressors. Pride was associated with a larger family and shame and low self-esteem were associated with small families which were symbolic of poverty.

      6. Men also preferred polygamy because it gave them sexual gratification and diversity in mates! In some societies, it is taboo for the couple to engage in sexual intercourse during the menstrual period and pregnancy. In that case, polygamy provided a solution to this dilemma.

      7. Polygamy also provided a form of birth control, in the sense that it would allow the spacing of children by virtue of the sexual taboos attached to sex during breastfeeding.

      8. Polygamy insured that most marriageable girls were married off. Women tended to outnumber men because, men naturally die in larger numbers and earlier than women. Women are genetically tougher than men! Moreover, men also tended to engage in dangerous or fatal activities such as wars, hunting and fighting one another in drunken quarrels!

      9. In most of traditional Africa, there was a custom of leverate or widow inheritance. A brother’s wives passed on to the father or another brother on his death! That was designed to ensure that no widows or orphans would be left with provision and family or tender care.

      10. In modern times when some workers live in the city, they may prefer to have two wives and two families; one in the city and the other in the rural area on the ancestral land.
      I used to be totally against it. But now I think there can be some benefits to it in the African community.

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  3. This is the British mulatto athlete known as Jessica Ennis-Hill getting a CBE she is also married to a IMA and has a IMA child her father has the audacity to smile like he has accomplished something when all he has achieved is successfully killing his bloodline wtf is wrong with some black people this stupid negro is giving a dying race more life when he should be doing the opposite one word Mentacide oh and all crackkka females are nasty but damn why pick up the ugliest beast u can find


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