Manchester Bombing

Islamist attacked an Ariana Grande concert this past Monday. The salacious 22 year old American-Lolita embodies all they hate about the West.

ariana-tour-outfits-03.jpgThe suicide bombing shocked the United Kingdom and Western world after 22 white people were killed and 110 were injured. The attack was carried out by a 22 year-old British born Arab by the name of Salman Abedi.salman-abedi-cctv-police-2-cropThe attack is one of many small wounds suffered by Western countries as they try to play both sides of the field: promoting the idea of being liberal open societies, promoting peace. Versus a militaristic white hegemonic war prone collective roaming the world and protecting their economic interest – killing non-whites who disagree with their dictums.libya troops America

What is of interest to this writer and should be to all African people is the strong powerful ideology of Islam which aims to subdue non-believers versus liberal effeminate Christianity which has no aim in its present form.

Islam’s use by multiracial people primarily from North Africa and Western Asia is troubling. Its vigor is attracting young men yearning for strong and unyielding religious, political, and social guidance. It is filling a void, particularly among multiracial men from Western Asia who live in Western countries such as the USA. Indeed, they are encouraged within their own communities and families to carry the sword of Allah.

Osana Bin Laden STONG HORSE 800_jpg-largeThe direct opposite is true in African communities. Via socialized racial confusion: the one drop rule and the “everyone is black rhetoric”, the African group has no core or boundaries. No official African religion.

eddie long
Eddie Long – Sodomite Preacher died of AIDS

Instead, muddled but loud self-hating Africans or multiracial people who “identify” as African are being given a voice in the white media, influencing millions of Africans to be apathetic. Thus, a ferocious laziness, sluggishness of the mind has been cultivated and has become the leading thought disturbance within the African / black, that is people between the color spectrum of brown to black and who have African textured hair, like Marcus Garvey.

Tariq Sellout
Black male who speaks black power but has multiracial children with half white woman. Stunning contradiction.

The writer does not suggest Africans commit suicide attacks against European institutions for the sake of causing disruption but Africans must ask themselves:

Do they know what and African looks like?

Are they too comfortable with their oppression?

What is their purpose if it is not to create a better world for their children?



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