Black Gemstones: Africans Have Bonded Under False pretenses

The African Centered Biological Nationalist mission is to secure the survival of the African nation-species.

To do so, each African must be aware of themselves genetically and that well help lead them to conclude, if they are reasonable, that an African ethical / moral system is beneficial to their interest. This follows the idea that a common ethical theme plays like a stream of consciousness within the minds of Africans and is analogous to a genetic frequency. A common ethical theme is necessary for a nation-species to commune, reach consensus, disagree, if need be, without devolving into discord or even worse war.


However, for all that to happen there must be agreement on a rule book. I have decided to collect, classify, summarize, organize, analyze, explore, and interpret ancient African parables and folktales from Southern and Western Africa to instruct and guide current and future generations of Africans: people within the color spectrum of brown to black and who have African textured hair.


Recall, the Black Freedom Movement began formerly in Africa. It started when African societies were unable to repel Arab and European militaristic attacks. These militaristic losses by Africans were due to our inability to protect ourselves and to build strong nations states and cultures. This has been the case for millenniums and the core reason for this? Africans have bonded under false pretenses.



For example, the Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all follow a certain thread. All follow the Pentateuch which discusses the creation of the world and the genetic lines of those people who sprung up from the Middle East. For all the good moral foundations these faiths promote. They are not African. They do not promote African life – which is important for a living people.


African Centered Biological Nationalism came to me after I read the Bible and the scholarly works of the greatest African philosopher of all time, Dr. Amos N. Wilson. His books “the Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness”, “Blueprint for Black Power”, and “Black on Black Violence” as well as the “Destruction of Black Civilization” by Chancellor Williams are some of the core elements of ACBN.


Nonetheless, I recommend people buy “Emperor Shaka the Great: A Zulu Epic” by Mazisi Kunene. This is one of the primary books ACBN will be using for moral and ethical lessons. Remember ancient stories such as this are reflections of real life. People within them can be knaves are rogues but the scenes if you dig deep enough will expose gemstones.


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