Emperor Shaka the Great

I did not have a dream or a premonition, no one visited me in the the dead of the night. However, I have concluded that we Africans need to have a god figure to follow. A god figure which resembles us.

I have read and heard from African-Americans that Africans in the diaspora should practice a west African religion since most Africans in the Americas are descendants of enslaved blacks who came from west Africa. Yet there is a flaw in this reasoning since slave ports were and still are located in west Africa (Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal) as well as in Angola and Mozambique. Thus, this leads one to conclude that records kept by European slavers should be seen as dubious at determining where an enslaved African originated from.

Nonetheless, I’ve been drawn to Zulu culture due to the significance of the Emperor Shaka Zulu in African history. His story has taken me on a journey to visit South Africa where I met Zulus and was able to equate my fantasy with reality. This journey has shown me how a people can die when they have no memory of their past or allow foreign entities to form their heroes and gods.

That being said, the journey I will be taking with the help of you is not a fanatic but a fantastic journey towards solidifying inter-generational continuity towards the goals of establishing an African culture, community and state which is able defend and support a large African collective so as to achieve the groups self actualizing aims.


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