Organizational Deficits in the African American Community

This past election I saw the Democrats receive tens of thousands of African American votes due to the black church organizing its members to move “their souls to the polls”.

However, the black church fell short and Hillary Clinton loss the 2016 election because of low voter turnout by African Americans.

Evidence the black church has become less important and an overrated organizational body.


It is obvious.

With so many broken homes…unmarried couples….and a soaring amount of female and male homosexuals. The black church, the Christian church, has failed its duty. It has become or better yet been for that pass 60 years a horrible refugee for cowardice, self-haters and self-doubters.

By and large, the black church has refused to grow beyond being apologist for bad behavior in the African and European American communities. It is a skeleton, fossilized, and worthless.

The black church has never fulfilled the need at being a moral foundation so African Americans could organize self-actualizing – race focused communities.

Can anyone suggest new ways for African Americans to organize? Don’t be shy. Even those answers you may assume should be common sense should be written.


6 thoughts on “Organizational Deficits in the African American Community

  1. 1. Practice racial and ideological exclusivity. Exclude those who do not value Afrikan survival and racial purity, heteronomative traditional family structures (monogamous or polygamous), and who have low racial-esteem and self-confidence. Also, prioritize quality over quantity. We do not need numbers as much as we need highly-intelligent, adaptable, productive men and women of exceptional character. The best of the race is who we should be after.

    2. Study and teach others the art of organization. Effective organization shouldn’t be taken for granted. It should to be mastered by all serious nationalists, regardless of ideology.

    3. When forming organizations, remember to take time management into consideration as we’re not robots; we can’t run 24/7 without rest and operate on E. We need time to think and recuperate, and that time should be very clearly delineated to avoid mismanagement and the lost of momentum and rhythm. We’re habitual animals, as well, so figure out how to use that to our advantage.

    4. Have clear aims and objectives as part of your mission statement and not just broad goals or ideals, such as ending white supremacy and replacing it with a system of justice. We need to know exactly what it is we’re going for, and the strategies and tactics which will lead us to success.

    There are more, but these are just some general suggestions.

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    1. Thank you TheThinkingAfrican86! You gave some excellent recommendations.

      What book would you endorse regarding the art of organization?

      Nonetheless, one of the largest obstacles hampering African peoples’ ability to organize is money and volunteership.

      We have to encourage African Americans to solicit African American owned grocery, gas, and laundromats.

      We have to let African people understand that strong families create strong nations.

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  2. Hotep Brother Bhekizitha, in answering your question “New Ways To Get African Americans To Organize,” I have to go backwards in time 30 plus years to look at myself. I was 30 years old, very much into American culture. I believed I could achieve the American Dream and I loved all people, very much so. I believed in inclusion, even though a part of me knew the people I affiliated myself with did not and would not include me in the components of those things that makeup a society. Then one day in a very White institution, a philosophy professor lectured to an international body of students that Black people are the “Curse of Ham.” I was the only Black in the classroom. I was assigned to either disprove or “approve by my silence” that the professor’s stance on slavery using his premise on Black people being “cursed” was either right or wrong.

    Being a church-going woman, I began to pray over the matter. I specifically asked God, “Am I a curse of Ham and how are Black people supposed to precede in the future in a world where we are hated solely for the color of our skin?”

    A series of events happened to me immediately after my prayer. I won’t go into all the details. The most import event is that Pharaoh Akhenaton manifested, and God (or at least what I call The Spirit of God and The Holy Ghost) let me know that Pharaoh Akhenaton is The Son of God of Whom I should pray too.

    It dawned on me–I don’t know nothing about no Pharaohs except he drowned in the Red Sea and those who have authority over my spirit life (i.e., the Western World) have taught me that God hates Pharaohs and all things “Egypt and Egyptian.” I, therefore, began to have conflict and anguish whenever I thought of Pharaoh Akhenaton as being Jesus. Jesus is White; and The Man, Pharaoh Akhenaton Who manifested to me is Black! If you are a Black “Jesus Christ,” You, too, must be suffering the same state of enslavement as the rest of us Black people….so if I elect to concede that I am a “Curse of Ham” who is destined to remain in bondage, where is Your Black Power to set me free, Pharaoh Akhenaton?

    Brother Bhekizitha, I hope you can see where I am going with this premise. I use my 30 year old self as an example to show you what you are dealing with in trying to find ways or new ways to get African Americans to organize. The majority of use are very spiritual beings. We are absolutely and deliberately aligned to worshiped “Oh Thou Great Jehovah.”

    Jehovah means “God of mischief.” And we don’t even know it!

    Until The Spirit of God can wake up Black American and show us and make us believe that Yes! Jehovah is a God of mischief who is perpetrating evil upon us…who is enslaving us….and who plans to do so in the very near future– We as Black people will pretty much remain in a disorganized helpless state of being. Under Jehovah, the White Christ whom we love so much, we as Black people will of a necessity have more love and loyalty towards White people than we do towards our own heritage. We will organize their communities first and neglect our own. That is the mischievousness of White Gods!

    It took me a very long time to come into acceptance of the Gods of Egypt–but thank God I did. Only then, could I become totally African centered and African consciousness in lieu of being Americanized or Westernized.

    Under unction of The Spirit of God, I had to write down the whole process of my reorientation and new spiritual awakening. Out of my experience came 4 books that are imperative reading for those who are enslaved. Those books are: 1. Spiritual Bipolar: God Is The Peace In Your Heart That Calms The Voices Above Your Head; 2. The Ten Plagues Placed On Egypt: Murdering Our Godhead; 3: WillThe REal Holy Ghost Please Stand Up; and 4. Jehovah’s and Abraham’s Threefold Curse of Captivity Cast Upon The Black Man.

    Available at: Create;; or for discounted book price via the website


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