Ethical Foundation – the Solar Core of African Centered Biological Nationalism

Your life has meaning.

Your life has purpose.

There is a reason for your existence.

You maintain this life by following rules.

Upright rules that instruct you how to treat yourself and others.

We know not when we came to exist but when we came to exist we knew we existed.

We learned from centuries of successes and failures how to treat one another.

This road of our collective life as a population at times can seem monotonous and we as Africans can spite it out of a need for novelty.

However, as we have seen throughout history, if we dare to investigate it, we are the worst when we ignore the lessons of the past.

The past has taught us we are stronger when we are united rather than divided.

It has shown us we are more united when we treat one another with dignity and respect.

Yet, this respect must have a core.

We must practice patterns of behavior which are agreeable to not only our own senses but to the larger collective of Africans.

Behaviors which ensure the natural righteousness of the child and the destruction of those who would wish to taint it.

A moral core not based on the changing winds but on the steady rhythm of life.

African Centered Biological Nationalism mission is to gather a large group of Africans who seek sovereignty – physically and psychologically from non-Africans. The best way to attain this goal is to practice the following behaviors:

  1. Respect your parents
  2. Do not murder other Africans
  3. Do not rape
  4. Do not sodomize
  5. Do not beg
  6. Do not vacillate
  7. You are your own master but you must serve others also
  8. Create and protect markets
  9. Our largest wealth is our comradery
  10. Create large African families
  11. Women and men should be encouraged to have many offspring
  12. Segregate from non-Africans
  13. Respect community hierarchy and understand it is a natural component of nature. The soil has many layers so must communities
  14. Have esteem for your offspring. We live forever through our successive generations
  15. Understand self-respect should not be confused with vanity
  16.  Accept vanity is empty and is core-less while self-respect is based on a solid center
  17. Create friends whom you have things in common with and expect no more from them than you would expect from yourself
  18. Being brave at the wrong time is as bad as being a coward
  19. Be circumspect in sexual matters
  20. Homosexuality, lesbianism, pedophilia, pederasty, and bestiality are depraved behaviors
  21. Shun people who are social and sexual traitors
  22. Do not question the purpose of the different sexes
  23. Consider IMAs always as the enemy
  24.  Avoid thinking in nuances or who are the good and bad “white” people
  25.  Recognize children cannot live on promises, you must prepare for their lives as you would your own
  26.  Consider it is never too late to change
  27.  Remember there are bad seeds
  28.  Understand if you expect a perfect male and female relationship, you don’t want to have a relationship
  29.  Accept African men must die in great numbers for their children and future generations to be free
  30.  Comprehend hard work is useless if it amounts to nothing
  31.  Realize to take care who you listen to
  32.  Accept that the easiest route is not for African people since the current IMA power system has not been designed by or for African people
  33.  Speak kindly with other African people
  34.  Understand it is acceptable to lie and deceive traitors, Imas, and Non-Africans

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