No Time

I’ve been busy. Not that I am complaining. Yet, I’ve been unable to do things I feel passionate about: organizing events, creating networks, helping other Africans and lending them support. Laying a solid mantle for future generations which would respect the little contributions I hope to make.

I cannot do enough. Whether it is working on reports or learning a new skill, computer software, or teaching de-escalation techniques to black youth. There is not enough time.

Time is all I have. It is all we have. It moves without highlighting its importance and just sits there with a sulky face waiting for us to return a face of contempt, respect, and reverence, even begrudgingly, to it.

Do we have enough time African people to learn the Zulu language, to socialize our children to be men and women, to create businesses, to build schools, to protect our communities, to protect our markets, our property?

No we do not have a lot of time on a planet which has existed for 4.2 billions years. Thus, let’s set are goals to the sky and worry about time later.

But not too much.



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