Off The Record

By mid-August it gets super hot and humid in the Bronx and by September it levels off. During this time I get to slow down and have conversations with African Americans without worrying if I’ll freeze since the winters in New York City are cold. However, today, with the sun out and the humidity weighing on me as if it were a wet blanket. I walked down the Grand Concourse towards my local post office to pick up a package.

At the post office to my great surprise there were only two people on line for pickups. A big smile appeared on my face and an African American man who was standing in a separate line, I’d say he was in his late 50’s, wearing a white “Cape Cod” hat, remarked, “You look happy”

I replied, “I sure am, there’s usually a line of twenty people here. It  normally takes an hour to pick up a package. ”

I then looked at the post office window and saw a middle age multiracial male postal worker  reading a pickup slip and walking to an area out of my sight to pick up a container.

“I see why there is no line, the woman who usually works the window is not here”, I quipped.

Mr. Cape Cod protested, “Well he has some help in the back”

I argued, “The woman has help too, but it seems they always happen to take breaks when I am here.”

A rotund multiracial woman who stood in front of me with her hair tied back and wearing a pair of jeans too small for her frame chuckled.

“That is why I will be voting for Trump, women are too slow”, I said jokingly.

Mr. Cape Cod with alarmed eyes said “No, you can’t do that he’s dangerous and a racist”

I scoffed, “Give me one reason why you dislike Trump and it has to be more than I just don’t like him“

Mr. Cape Cod took a second to gather himself and held his chin up till it was almost vertical and said:

“He is going to get us in to more wars, you want more wars?”

I boomed, “The US is already in two wars – Afghanistan and Iraq”

Mr. Cape Cod’s chin lowered and he was stumped. I could see he had no reason to hate Trump. He was merely repeating some talking points he heard on TV.

I looked at him and said, “I am voting for Trump because illegal aliens depressed wages and they’re too compliant. Also, if you have a white collared job you can be replaced and your wages cut in half by the abhorrent workers Visa’s they give out like candy to poor people from China and India. Enough is enough. I want a change in the US’s immigration policy”

Mr. Cape Cod shook his head in agreement but again replied:

“I don’t like how he sounds. He sounds angry”

I was stunned, I had never thought I would hear a grown African American man say such a thing. Yet I assumed Mr. Cape Cod was a person who received all his information from the alphabet TV networks where talking like a baby is a social warrior trait.

Yet, many would ask, “Why does an African Centered Biological Nationalist want a white nationalist to win the US election? “

And I would respond, “Cutting entitlements would foist African Americans to create better networks for survival. I believe African Americans have become less self-reliant because so many African Americans are living off the state whether via welfare and food stamps or government jobs, including teaching jobs.”

Also, let’s see white power as it is. It is not an old cranky off putting white woman, although she benefits and participates in its maintenance. No! White power is vested in the white male brotherhood.

Nonetheless, I am prepared for whatever may come. But a Trump presidency would give poor African Americans, the majority, a chance to get ready for the coming collapse of the USA. Will African Americans be organized enough and have enough racial pride and will to annex some territory? If they follow the ACBN methodology they will.


2 thoughts on “Off The Record

  1. That’s a very good story. I’m sure they were shocked to hear you were voting for Trump. Although I am not a fan of Trump or Clinton…you at least give solid reasons for your voting choice. I can respect that.


  2. Brilliant article, lol “hes racist”……yeah and Hillary Clinton is not…I went to racially mixed high schools and never ceases to amaze the respect negroes have the White females. White women are conditioned to be entitled in this country and are given too much opportunity to have leadership when they have no real skills and talents like Hillary Clinton.

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