The Death of the West

Pop Culture, lack of values, apathy, mind altering drugs, abortions, lack of families, sloth, preventive death. With drug fueled European-American politicians and their media lackeys leading the way, a chasm between reality and virtual reality has long been in the making.


Case Study: Kimathi Rufiji


Kimathi, a Kenyan, recently arrived in the US. He had heard about the land of opportunity from his friends and of course the US media. He saved four years to pay for his trip to the States with high hopes he would be able to make a great life for himself and his family.


Kimathi was a devout Maasai and operated a textile store in Nairobi. Yet, one hot dry day, he began to think of how the US could deliver a better life for him, his two wives, and six children. It was then he decided to emigrate to the US.


However, after about six months in the States, Kimathi had become severely concerned about his decision. He saw there was a moral decay in the US he had never imagined.


“Why are there so many scantly dressed women walking the streets?” Kimathi said in Swahili.


His friend, Babatunde, a tall slender black man with large pearl eyes responded.


“They are created by their lack of religion. They follow everything they see on TV”


Kimathi thought to himself. How could TV have such an influence on women? Did they not have families? Did they not have fathers who loved them?


“I cannot bring my daughters here. They will be influenced in the wrong way” said Kimathi.


“Yes”, Babatunde responded. “It is surely a bad move to bring any child here. I guard my son like a hawk. Look at the males. They’ve resigned themselves to behave like women. Their minds are depraved.” Babatunde said in an irritated tone.


Both men were standing outside Kimathi’s newly opened African textile store in Black Harlem. While Kimathi swept the sidewalk Babatunde observed the late afternoon traffic of people.


“Kimathi!” Babatunde said in high pitched voice while pointing at a white man speaking to a group of young black boys who were no older than ten. The man had long lanky hair that reached his shoulders and a crooked nose that made him look like a witch. The boys were children of devout Nigerian Muslims; recent arrivals to the USA.


Babatunde noticing what was going on ran across the street and yelled at the man “Do you know these children?”


The man immediately started to run down the street, slyly entering into a white van parked by the corner, and sped away.


Babatunde then yelled to the boys “Do not speak to strangers” and shooed them to go home.


He walked back to Kimathi with a feverish pace- angry, heart racing, but happy.  He knew he had thwarted what had been surely an attempt to capture the boys for some perverted man’s whims.


“It troubles me that there are so many people like that here” said Kimathi.


“And their Government supports their perversion” Babatunde retorted.


“I cannot live in place where people who are sick in the mind hide behind an idea that one must be tolerant of their skewed views of the life” said Babatunde. He then paused and said flatly. “They lack a core.”


Yet, Kimathi had a different take. He proceeded to remind Babatunde that the political power structure in the US was just reverting back to behaviors born, developed, and practiced in their classic societies.


“They did this in Greece and Rome: Pederasty, Homosexuality, Lesbianism, Debauchery. They are only returning to what they know.”


Babatunde shook his head in agreement and asked “Why now?”


Kimathi retorted, “They think they have won”


Babatunde did not totally understand his friend; however, he had errands to complete. Thus, he proceeded to bid him farewell.


“I will talk to you later my friend. I have a lot of loose ends to tie up before I return home to Uganda next week.” Babatunde announced.


Kimathi waved him goodbye. He knew soon he too would also have to make the same announcement.







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