Investigating Black Lives Matter: A Black Homosexual Movement Directed by Imas (Whites)

The Ima (white/inbred mutant albino) media has been documenting, denouncing, and applauding the activities of the Black Lives Matter’s organization, a group founded by three lesbian African-Americans.

However, when I researched Black Lives Matter’s doctrine and how they were funded, I realized the BLM movement had been incubated outside the African-American community and its primary aim is to promote homosexuality.

Thus, the slogan, Black Lives Matter, although righteous, is an example of an Ima agenda to eradicate the African American community via social engineering.

Founders of the NAACP: Moorfield Storey, Mary White Ovington and W.E.B. Du Bois.

Black Lives Matter! How can I argue against such a phrase? Easily! Since the organizers shouting this slogan make it risible.

How can Black Lives Matter when a group supports homosexuality?

How can Black Lives Matter when a group supports abortion?


After watching a recent interview with the alleged BLM co-founder, Patrisse Cullors, I came to the conclusion – “Ms. Cullors was far from being the brains behind this organization.”

In the video Ms.Cullors can be seen noticeably reading from a script, relaying ambiguous answers, and regurgitating Ima, left wing, talking points.

I was thunderstruck – the amount of effort and time Imas had taken to inculcate disorder and create a pseudo African American grassroots movement, a movement designed to primarily expand the status quo to homosexuals and normalize their behavior – astonishing.

The African community in the USA must understand the so called Black Lives Matter’s organization is funded by George Soros, an Ima billionaire.

It is not an organic organization born from the bosom of African woman who have the best interest of the African American collective at heart, nor is it funded by African-Americans, a necessary component for any true African grassroots organization.


Patrisse Cullors, deviants, and their Ima enablers will continue to persuade African youth and easily manipulated adults to adopt a defective approach to fighting Ima (white) hegemony. An approach if unchanged will lead to African people’s biological extinction in the USA.

However, Black lives do matter. But the slogan holds true only when it is emphasized that a union between a black man and woman and the celebration and protection of their offspring, from conception to adulthood, is central to its meaning. Any other use of the slogan Black Lives Matter is deceptive Ima propaganda.


10 thoughts on “Investigating Black Lives Matter: A Black Homosexual Movement Directed by Imas (Whites)

  1. Excellent Article! When I First Heard Of The BLM Movement, I Thought It Was An Authentic Credible Movement. Until I Started To Deeply Research It’s Founders And Representatives. Even If You Examine It’s Members At A BLM Rally You See IMA Liberals And Homosexuals,Lesbians And Transgenders. After I Saw This I immediately Knew It Was Not An African Movement. Much Like The Uhuru Movement Which Is Funded By IMA’s Too. The BLM Movement Shows Me How Far IMA’s Will Go To Push Homosexuality Onto African People. Also Any Movement That Allows IMA’s even To So Called “Good” Ones, Should Be Avoided. Every African Movement We Have Had That Has Allowed IMA’s And Non-Africans To Join, Started Out As African Centered, Exclusively For The Needs Of Africans. Then Once IMA’s And Non-Africans Joined The Focus Turned To Homosexual Rights,Feminism,Abortion Rights And All Other Liberal Policies. It Happened In The Civil Rights Movement, The Black Panthers, Black Liberation Army Etc. I See No Need In Marching And Shouting From Megaphones, That’s A Sign Of Cowardice When You Beg Your Enemy For Better Treatment. If Africans Want To Start An Authentic African Movement, We Are Going To Have To Be Very Selective, And Very Exclusive To Weed Out Reprobates. My Question Is, Why Do Africans Always Have To Include IMA’s In Every Movement We Have? You Can’t Push Back Against IMA’s While You’re Joined With Him At The Same Time. That’s Like Having Hatred For Your Enemy,But Loving For Him/Her Also. I’ve Seen IMA’s Sort Of Practice This, Brutalize Africans With One Hand, Then Extend An Olive Branch To Show Some Sort of Support For Africans Pain, Then strike Again. Like A Loyal Lap Dog Who Is Struck By It’s Owner, But Still Cowers At It’s Owners Feet. Or Like The Battered Wife Who’s Husband After He Hits Her Says He Is Sorry, Only To Do It Again. I Always Say That Some Africans Have A Masochist Relationship With IMA’s. This Is Why I’m very Suspicious Of White Liberals, They Are Very Sly At Playing On The Pain And Emotions Of Africans.

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    1. I have seen many law abiding Imbuka (traitors, Zulu) and I agree with you we need to “Weed Out these Reprobates”

      Africans, specifically African Americans, do not practice actively high-minded ethics with each other since we do not collectively share an African Centered Biological Nationalist code, as of yet.

      The ACBN ideology is attempting to solve this major flaw in our Geno-Cultural group.

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      1. True! I’ve Noticed That Too. From What I’ve analyzed From African Americans Is Most are Oblivious Of ACBN Or Basic Biology. I see The Media Promoting This Light Skin Vs. Dark Skin Heavily Especially With The Whole Steph Curry, His Wife & Thompson Vs. Lebron James & Kyrie Irving Thing. I Saw It As Well With Drake Vs. Meek Mill. I Also Noticed The US Had A Mulatto Race Category In The Early 1900’s Which That In Itself Proves That There Has Always Been A Distinction Between Authentic Africans And Biracials. Also In The 1900’s Mulattoes Had A Higher Social Status Than Authentic Africans Had.

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  2. Once I saw that devil Soros was involved…I was done! This so-called movement is a nothing but a fag/dyke movement disguised as black power. These white fags are funding this crap and you got stupid negroes supporting this. Thanks for this post.

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  3. It’s a homosexual Black movement, created by 3 Black lesbians, funded by a White billionaire and controlled by White people. It’s crazy, just like NAACP, we’ve been bamboozled. The movement isn’t for Black folks in general, it for the destruction and crucifixion of the Black family. Got it! I’ve been trying to say this for the longest, it’s crazy.

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    1. You’re completely right! I respect what you are doing, all Blacks need to know their identity and their enemies. Not everyone knows, those bazooka bubble gum color inbreds came from albinos. Bring it to light! Ase!

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  4. Needs to be known internationally because this is sucking in Black youth. What’s your take on the Uhuru movement? Seems like the same thing cept they swear there’s a militancy and Black power narrative that BLM lacks.

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