Tanzania Bans Homosexuality: Will Use Social Media to Find Deviants

Tanzania’s justice minister has announced new plans to suspend the registration of any charity or non-governmental organization that supports homosexuality.

In an effort to protect the “culture of Tanzanians”, Harrison Mwakyembe’s announcement comes after the country’s health minister imposed a partial ban on the import and sale of lubricants to discourage deviant homosexual men from having sex and to curb the spread of HIV.

The crackdown comes as a surprise in a country that has until recently been tolerant of its faggot community. Unlike Kenya , Uganda and Zimbabwe where homosexual parades were violently disrupted by the police. Faggots in Tanzania have not experienced the same levels of violence and revulsion, and politicians have until now generally ignored the topic.

Regional Commissioner Paul Makonda has made a point, his bid to fight homosexuality must be cheered. The truth is, for the first time, a government leader has come out in the open to declare war against the menace that silently keeps on devastating the dignity of the youth. Makonda said he would use social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to identify and arrest people suspected of being gay. “If there’s a homosexual who has a Facebook account, or with an Instagram account, all those who ‘follow’ him, it is very clear that they are just as guilty as the the homosexual,” he told a cheering crowd.

Though sodomy is a criminal offence punishable by life imprisonment, there is no law prohibiting homosexuality in Tanzania. As a result, Faggots in Tanzania have been able to lead relatively normal lives free from harassment and violence until now.

The Makonda speech was followed by several editorials in popular newspapers praising the speech and this month a local television station was forced to apologize by the government for running an interview with a faggot.


4 thoughts on “Tanzania Bans Homosexuality: Will Use Social Media to Find Deviants

  1. it is a relief to have a leader who will do what is required of him.

    Religious reasons aside, homosexuality is completely counter productive as it does not advance humanity in any way whatsoever, except in the direction of Pandora’s’ box of disease and decay and towards certain and inevitable extinction from lack of proliferation.


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