Examining the Mulatto Fetish: “These Types of Black Men”

I was designing a social intervention program constructed to help African-American males escape Hip-Hop culture, black culture, southern food, bad food, diabetes – a course for black men with one drop rule delusions of sexing lanky haired mulatto women with wombs that might as well be barren since they biologically would produce an error

These types of black men.


Sires of illogical conclusions of their world, duties, and lives.

These types of black men, who avoid the silent pact made at birth with their race, their network.

These types of black men, who preform sleight of hand gestures, yelling “Nigger”, making faces, wearing pink shirts, carrying rainbow flags high.

These types of black men, who date, marry, and have children with “one drop rule” women are the worst incarnation of African vomit on the planet and the reason their behavior is prevalent is due to a lack of shame.

For you see, African pride is needed for all the qualities which are associated with being prideful of one’s race, family, image – all these feelings,  should be encouraged in black men..

But African male shame is also useful. Yet, it can only be felt in an African American male’s heart and mind if and only if he is taught or comes to the conclusion on his own that African people must separate physically from white people.

But again he must have started early to think in this way – so as it to be part of his personality, consciousness,  working towards creating and independent powerful African state in North America and Africa – driven by African people who believe our phenotypical traits are not a fluke – they guide our selection process for family and allies.


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