OUTLINE: ACBN Public Plans for Initiates – What to Study Before Applying

The entire franchise depends on increasing African-American social trust based on a “sociopolitical biological foundation” aiming to deliver power, sovereignty, and thus, the right by African-Americans to protect their markets, children, and bodies while creating self-actualizing lives.

I    The material social goals and how to achieve them:

a) Demand Initiates Read Immediately “the Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness and Blueprint for Black Power” by Dr. Amos N. Wilson

b) Encourage Initiates to Study Zulu: 1 hour a day – Zulu language resources:  http://www.lexilogos.com/english/zulu_dictionary.htm

a) Attract African-Americans to participate in the franchise who not only buy into ACBN but propagate the idea of African Americans governing a portion of present day America for themselves. Thus, for compensation, for the enslavement, of African people, Africans-Americans demand, and thus annex the southern portion of the United States: Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Louisiana from white people, that is, the United States of America.

b) Assign duties

c) Raise money – which can maintain 200 families, initially,  3 children per home, for five years – think colony

d) Buy land and guns

II    Simultaneous goals:

a) African Americans can buy land and build a community on the continent of Africa – Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, etc.- I recommend we start from the south and move upward. Native Africans are way too disorganized to actually make a strong move against any foreign entity especially those that look like them and can blend in and have the communities best interest at heart.

III    The African Centered Biological Nationalist Methodology is to Create an African Homogenous Society which Resembles our Species from Time Immemorial.

a) It is with this foundation layered with the wise and eternal words of Dr. Amos N. Wilson that I encourage African men to avoid being small scaled when thinking for the collective.

Amos Wison

b) Africans can have it all if we have the will and moral clarity and purpose needed to complete the needed task – we lack faith in one another – let’s change that vice with deeds.

IV    Initiate ACBN Plans and Duties:

a) Members must read all seven books written by Dr. Amos N.Wilson.

b) Members must be proficient in speaking Zulu at a high school level, by two years, after officially joining.”

c) Members must propagate African Centered Biological Nationalism: “A Daily Way to Live” – (book coming soon).

d) Members entitled to salary, home, food, and guns.



6 thoughts on “OUTLINE: ACBN Public Plans for Initiates – What to Study Before Applying

      1. Honestly, all I can think of right now is to use the latin script for the time being until some original or indigenous script is either discovered or created.


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