The Honorable Dr. Amos N. Wilson the Inspiration Behind ACBN Said: CHRISTIANITY HAS FAILED BLACKS

For Blacks, Christianity disempowers; induces a sense of moral inferiority; preaches submission, subordination and obedience; is associated with material deprivation; sanctifies material discomfort and suffering; is self negating, self-effacing; produces relatively few tangible and desirable results; promotes the worship of a god that wears a non-Afrikan face and bears the facial image of their White dominators and enemies (leading them to consciously worship White people, to think of them as more god-like then themselves, to perceive them as divinely ordained to rule over themselves, to associate whiteness of skin with all that is good and blackness of skin with all that is bad); provides a rationale for racial self denial, selflessness, inclusiveness, etc. by expanding the practice of brotherly love and equality, self-sacrifice, and the like to all
beyond the borders of the Afrikan race.
—  Dr. Amos N. Wilson

2 thoughts on “The Honorable Dr. Amos N. Wilson the Inspiration Behind ACBN Said: CHRISTIANITY HAS FAILED BLACKS

  1. Hence the rise in bleaching, breeding out, integration and the end of black people fighting back against whites physically. This work like a charm anywhere it has been used, it is a key part of the Europeanisation of Afrikans as you pointed out is is one of the root sources of the modern European geno-culture.

    The passive chapters of the Bible are used by blacks in direct contradiction to the ones used by Euros during their conquests. Can’t fight against your own God can you? One of the things you should note from most Christians is they are thankful for what whites have done deep down because they know they wouldn’t have their religion if it wasn’t for what has happened, similar to idiots who always boast about blacks and ‘all colours’ when according to their false narrative it is nothing to be proud of it is something that should be eradicated as these are the victims of rape.


  2. The biggest thing that Christianity does to the African mind is it instills a White authoritative figure, Jesus Christ in the subconcious of the mind of African people. So it makes it easier for White Nation States to get African people to seemingly go along with their subordination as if it was divine by God himself.

    Thus, African people today don’t realize that they are not suppose to be Governed, Policed, Taught or have the currency they use be under European control and domination.

    You see this around the world even with Asians who adopt Chrisitanity they stop obeying their legitimate leaders and begin to be lead by White political policies. This is why the North Koreans ban Christianity and the Meiji got rid of them during the Meiji Restoration in Japan. The religion makes it easier for the Europeans to conquer and maintain their domination of African people.

    Kirk Cameron is one of these Christian wacks but I noticed he was at a Conservative Rally recently. Yet he preaches hell…if you don’t submit to your White masters will you will burn in hell. Yet, Cameron is a part of a White Nation built upon slavery and thievery yet when he describes his “founding fathers” and negates these facts..

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