Gavin Long: Picked Up the Modern Day Spear and Mastered It

Gavin Long assassinated three police officers and injured three others early Sunday morning in the city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Gavin Long utilized an unconventional warfare tactic by laying in wake at a donut shop where Baton Rouge police officers frequented and then ambushing them with an AR-15.

According to the Baton Rouge police department, three officers were killed immediately and arriving officers who chased Gavin Long into an alley exchanged fire, retreated, and a police sniper killed the hero Gavin Long from a distance according to the notoriously corrupt Baton Rouge police department.

Nonetheless, we are viewing some interesting developments as we speak. Have African Americans abandon the non-violent ideology?

Side note: I think women (they will not say so) really like men who are righteous killers, especially those who protect and guard their family. Just my observation by the response I have received when I wear my Dashikis as I walk around NYC – it garners respect.


2 thoughts on “Gavin Long: Picked Up the Modern Day Spear and Mastered It

  1. I’ve Noticed That Most of The Men Fighting Back Have Been in Some Type Of Military Service. I’ve Watched Many Of Gavin Long’s videos He Seemed To be A Heavy Listener Of The Conscious Community. Most of His Videos Deal with Spirituality. He Was Subscribed To Boyce Watkins And He Really Liked Umar Johnson. I Was Very Pleased That He Had A Amos Wilson Video Posted On His Channel. I Also Reviewed The Comments IMA’s Left Of His Page, As Usual they Were Claiming He Was More European Than Black/African smh!!! I’ve Always Found It Strange That IMA’s Have A Problem with Blacks Globally More So African Americans Identifying With Africa. I’ve Seen and Witnessed Numerous Of IMA’s Saying This Online And Offline. I Seem To Think It’s Because Once Africans Globally Become African Centered eventually Their One Drop Rule and their mulatto buffer class would start to crumble since africans globally would realize that the majority of people residing in africa have brown to black skin thus turning african away from this light skin foolishness since the areas of africa that people point to, to claim africans come in all colors are areas with a heavy mixed population.

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