You Can be Micah Johnson Too

First, I wanted point out another example of how psychic violence works since I noticed a great discrepancy of how rarely the white media has shown the video below of Micah Johnson assassinating a white male versus how many times they have shown Alston Sterling and Philando Castile’s murders.

Nonetheless, here we have Micah Johnson with the instincts of a Lion without knowledge he was being recorded – lacking baggy pants and untied shoes – whipping around a pillar on the dime – spotting a white police officer, back peddling, shooting his gun to create a distraction, pivoting to the opposite side and finally executing a perfect kill in the back of an overweight out of shape white male.

Many on social media, some people declaring they were black, falsely pointed out that Micah Johnson was trained by white males to become a sniper. He was not.

This is an honest mistake since most African Americans, indeed Americans, are unaware that the majority of people in the Arm Services do not carry out combat roles. The majority of military personal work in supportive positions: cooking food, transporting supplies, and building housing,

Indeed, Micah Johnson was a carpenter in the military.

Thus, how did he learn his skills, tactics, and techniques? He practiced, practiced a lot. But he also studied military books of war.

Africans Americans need to stop making excuses – no black man and woman the white man will not use a nuclear bomb on you.

If you want freedom you must take it.

Remember, the African man’s heaven is a white man’s hell.



6 thoughts on “You Can be Micah Johnson Too

  1. I told you you need to make videos, Blackmandinka said the videos reach a larger audience showing you the impact that you have had on him and other blacks who have been searching for such information.

    Love what Micah Johnson has done, more needs to be done and he needs to not be forgotten. Black individuals have fought and kill many white since the 60’s but it is regularly forgotten. Blacks are overrepresented in the US Army, if black people worked for themselves after training militias they could easily defeat the US Army as they would lose 35% of their soldiers. Not only that blacks need to redevelop biological warfare, poisons were regularly used by Afrikan spiritualists during the enslavement era.

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    1. The imagery is incredible. Think about it. This young man killed five men, shot 7 more and the police were so shook they killed him like cowards with a robot.

      July the 7th is now a holiday.

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