No Due Process For Black Heroes


I saw one relationship, although there are many, between the murders of Christopher Dorner and Micah “the Lion” Johnson – both were killed by white people, albeit  Micah Johnson on Thursday was killed by a robot from afar  – and both were denied due process.

So here I question African Americans out loud:

“What happened to being innocent until proven guilty?”

“Why couldn’t police have waited until Micah grew tired?”

“Why was there a need to kill him?”

– and of course these weak minded Negroes (brain dead African), who work  for the white government –  will let a white male tell African Americans:

“Like cowards we killed Micah Johnson because logically this man was hell bent on killing more white police officers and since he communicated he hated white people, we felt even more compelled to murder him long distance via a robot which was strapped with a bomb?”

I have yet to see any African American politician ask why Micah Johnson was killed.

Instead, these overweight, disingenuous, disconnected from reality Uncle Toms have been appearing on cable news channels denouncing the actions of someone who actually made a difference.

They do not understand that Micah Johnson has become a hero to a large percentage of African Americans.


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