We Salute “the Lion” Micah Xavier Johnson!

I am so happy that this young man did what so many are afraid to do – fight for African people in America. He has shown all African and African American men what a clear mind and a strong will can accomplish.

During this time when the white media is sure to attack his character, we, African Americans, must celebrate him.

Micah “the Lion” Xavier Johnson has become a legend.


2 thoughts on “We Salute “the Lion” Micah Xavier Johnson!

    1. They trained him to murder non European in Afgahnistan and he probably realized he was being taught to be non violent towards Whites but violent against non Whites and it clicked it his head that he had been made a fool of by IMAs….The IMAs worse nightmare are clean cut Black men who have some brains once you realize that you are under their domination a violent rage enters your body and he released his….I understand this brother so well its not funny…1 Black took out 5 of them…Thats just 1 well trained Black man…Imagine what 1000 of us could do in 1 city?

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