SEISMIC SHIFT IN RACE RELATIONS: 5 Cops Dead, Several Injured After Snipers Target White Dallas Officers

I can confirm that one person who was upset by the killings of two African-American men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, has killed 5 white police officers and injured 6 others.

The shooter told white authorities he was “gunning for white police officers”.

Dallas Police admit they were too cowardly to rush the area where the shooter was held up in, so they sent a robot with a bomb which killed the assassin.

If this is a black person, this will bear witness to a seismic shift in the consciousness of African Americans – if this happens to be an African American male, we should praise him for his brave and gallant act.

When Africans, African – Americans, blacks, have examples, there is no need for one to tell them what to do.



6 thoughts on “SEISMIC SHIFT IN RACE RELATIONS: 5 Cops Dead, Several Injured After Snipers Target White Dallas Officers

    1. Sympathy? I imagine a lot of wishy-washy people will be leaving BLM since it’s not going to be cool anymore. There will be millions of traitors saying they hate what Micah Xavier Johnson did.

      Micah Xavier Johnson acted like a man.

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      1. If it’s true, I agree with you. I imagine a man who trained in the military for a country that still hated him and planned for this day. He did his part.


      2. Micah Johnson was a carpenter in the military, he was not trained to preform tactical moves with a SKS rifle by the Army, Micah is self trained.

        He attacked the ima beast and now the conspiracy theorist are coming out the woodworks because they dare not do such a selfless act.

        This is why I stay away from most types of black media it is corruptive and corrupts black men and women alike.

        Nonetheless, this is no time for weak hearts or minds. Fact: Black men, women and children are being killed by this system of ima hegemony.


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