White Propaganda And the Abstract Definition of Blackness

About fourteen days ago, I observed how propaganda worked and where it failed. From the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union to a speech at an African American industry trade show, I pivoted my attention between the two and studied how both events affected two groups of people – African Americans versus Europeans – in different ways.

The U.K.’s choice to leave the EU was triggered by economic woes, alienation, populism, terrorism, immigration, and the refusal of many new arrivals to learn the English language, feign loyalty, or show deference to the average white British citizen.

Although not a landslide, the referendum, fifty-two percent to leave the EU and forty-eight percent to stay – shocked many in the European media.

Here is why.

Before the June twenty-third popular vote, a couple, for example- European media outlets, the BBC and Sky News, broadcasted only the benefits of remaining in the European Union and clearly were in the “remain” camp.

Prime Minster David Cameron, studies, experts, and polls all favored staying in the European Union while at the same time framing those who did not as racist who lacked a college education.

On the other hand, the “Leave” campaign, led by Nigel Farage, who the BBC characterized as a racist fruitcake, declared to the British people that by voting to leave, the European Union, Britons would regain their “sovereignty”.

Farage may be right or wrong but one thing is for sure -British citizenship just became more exclusive.

Nonetheless, despite the almost two year barrage of propaganda compelling British people to remain in the EU, Britons, that is white people, decided to exit because the county’s demographics, if not changed, would have led whites to become a minority. Thus, the British, in large enough numbers, decided they were not going to be guilted or bullied into believing that a multi-racial country was in their best interest.

Contrast the campaigning propaganda in the U.K. to the Black Entertainment awards speech given by Jessie Williams, the product of an African American male and Swedish-American female, a mulatto.

While accepting his humanitarian award, Mr. Williams, an actor, leaned over a plastic podium in a drug addled but clear eyed fashion and spoke in one of those cringe worthy Slam Poetry voices – the only words that stood out to me were – “we”,  “are”,  “magical”.

After finishing, Jessie held up a black based statue with crystals which looked as if they were stolen from the movie set of “Superman’s Fortress of Solitude”, waved to the crowd, of mostly multiracial people,  and left the stage.

I admit it. I didn’t listen to the entire speech (I fast forwarded to the end) but I did read the transcripts. And while reading, I came across this word “magical”. I examined how Jessie Williams used it – it was more a reference to him than to black folk, and there lies the problem with mulattoes like Jessie.

He is not black.

I don’t know Mr. Williams and he could possibly be a really nice person. But, as a unique Genetic group, Africans, with unique phenotypical traits – it is incongruous and tacky  for us to continue  to place our heads in the sands, and not realize that this type of lie, however it was started, from pressure or out of compassion, is destructive to the psyche of the African Geno-Cultural group.

We must stop silently accepting mulattoes and other multiracial people as African people, it must stop!

It is not about them.

So the lesson here is: Globalist / multicultural propaganda which promotes diversity but in reality is an agenda to give a small amount of Europeans, on top, and some non-white lackeys, on the peripheral, power with a focus on managing human populations across the planet – as they see fit.

This agenda failed in the UK because they, white Britons, had white British people who advocated the “leave” campaign in the same voice as their constituents, and they, white “leave politicians”, did not care if their opposition labeled them racist.

Also, keep in the mind the U.K. government, its propaganda arm, billboards, tv, radio, outspent and out advertised the “leave” campaign ferociously, spending huge amounts of public money, and still loss.

Contrast that to African Americans.

There is not one national African  American leader, who speaks black  communities, especially in the cities, let’s say NYC , in a cogent fashion about what unites us other than we, blacks, as a  group join a long line of human groups that have been enslaved.

What other than descending from enslaved Africans binds us?

The answer is our similar most prominent phenotypical traits : skin color between the color spectrum of brown to black and African textured hair.

Until we stop  enabling people, mainly non-Africans and self-loathing Africans,  from propagating the stained  “One Drop Rule” mentality, distracting us, and in the long run, devaluing our mission which is a biological, social, political, and militaristic endeavour – we as African people will continue to be collectively powerless.

Only as a unique Geno-Cultural group can we establish sovereignty, protect our markets, and socialize Africans. I am certain we can not do any of the above if we continue to believe IMA propaganda.








3 thoughts on “White Propaganda And the Abstract Definition of Blackness

  1. “So the lesson here is: Globalist / multicultural propaganda which promotes diversity but in reality is an agenda to give a small amount of Europeans, on top, and some non-white lackeys, on the peripheral, power with a focus on managing human populations across the planet – as they see fit.”
    BINGO!!! That’s it right there!

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  2. The tiny elite control it all, even who is considered African! Our people are under a deep spell and have become frighteningly blind to the truth or even the desire to seek the truth or question anything.

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