BLACK PEOPLE! Stop With the Video Cameras! Don’t videotape me to get paid. HELP ME! #PhilandoCastille

Philando Castile of St. Paul, Minnesota was profiled and his car pulled over by IMA police officers while he was driving his girlfriend and a child through a white (IMA / inbred mutant albino) district.

Castile while speaking to the officer informed him he had a license to carry a weapon, yet, because the officer was scared or he might have been on drugs, he shot Mr. Castile, a frail man, in cold blood.

What got me about this murder was the reaction of Mr. Castile ‘s girlfriend, instead of helping him, she videotaped his slow agonizing death.

Is this what black people call fighting back? Taking out phones and video recording love ones, friends, other African Americans getting their “wigs peeled back” by the muzzle of a gun?

Have we become so voyeuristic that instead of assisting people, we video tape their plight?

Look at this woman? She could have done something other than filmed this man dying.

She could have comforted him.

This is outrageous!

Why do Negroes, Imbuka, need more evidence? Why do they constantly need to be shaken out of their trance?

Negroes need more video evidence after Rodney King and Walter Scott?

Yet – anyway – forget that. Why is this false assurance needed for an African American person, especially one who has a relative or spouse in danger.

– why would you videotape anything?

Cameras and police are for after the fact.


8 thoughts on “BLACK PEOPLE! Stop With the Video Cameras! Don’t videotape me to get paid. HELP ME! #PhilandoCastille

    1. It is about changing the point of focus. Is your focus on your survival and sovereignty or is it about surviving as a subordinate in a white power state?

      This is where ACBN fills the gaps.

      ACBN is focused on uniting African people with the same core values and goals.

      Rallying when there is a tragedy is useless since as fast as people are to get angry they are just as fast to become unangry.

      Thus, only African Centered Biological Nationalist organizations can save the African species.

      Ethics, core values, and work.

      As for the girlfriend, this of course is not her fault but her behavior is bizarre. I don’t care what anyone says if your first instinct is to film your boyfriend dying – there is something wrong with you and you have lost your survival instinct for yourself and loved ones.

      Yet, maybe she didn’t really love him?

      My larger point is video taping should not be seen as a tactic. It is passive and weak.

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      1. That’s true. At the end of the day it’s about ethics and core values. We are still living under a police state in my opinion. I did find her behavior quite strange. But we need to get back to survival skills. I think too many of us wont survive when shit hits the fan. We are seriously lacking in the survival skills department. That needs to change.These white people are not messing around. We need to get serious.

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      2. Many people will not survive because they are individualist. Shaka Zulu forbid if a major nuclear terror attack or some large scale attack on the homeland occurs, people, imas, non-Africans, will be cut down, hunger, uncontrolled violence but the likelyhood of that happening is nil.

        The only time the white male and his cohorts will have any true problems is when the black man decides to follow the logical route for a good life. This approach is in direct opposition to the white males well being.

        ACBN is the only way.

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  1. Didn’t they pass laws in the US to make police walk with cameras. Why would they need a another filming of it. The cameras do not convict officers, what is happening in Dallas is how you deal with them, they kill an Afrikan an officer should know that a body bag is waiting for them after that. That would definitely make anybody think twice.

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    1. I’ve witnessed first hand how violence can correct bad behavior. For example, when two NYPD officers were assassinated by Ismaaiyl Brinsley on December the 20th, 2014, the entire Police departments behavior towards African Americans in the five boroughs improved immensely. They stay in their cars now and take 10 minutes to get to a problem.

      Better for us. All the problems in the community are caused by traitors calling “white daddy” for help.

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