True Cultural Appropriation

Since the phrase cultural appropriation, which I initially thought was silly, and still do to a certain extent, is used frequently among African Americans in the Universities. I decided to see if the phrase held any weight.

Let’s be clear, Ima (white) artist have mimicked some African American mannerisms and music styles and have made big money. However, I find African Americans, in general, have culturally appropriated western fashions – plus African American women have unabashedly worn wigs and straightened their hair to become poor imitations of white woman.

Can we think of anything else?

This is not a “pity party list” rather it is a way for us to look in the mirror and change certain behaviors which are not in our best interest.

Is paying basketball and act of cultural appropriation?


6 thoughts on “True Cultural Appropriation

  1. I Really Love This Post! I Become Weary Because A Lot of African Americans Regurgitate White Liberal Rhetoric. “Cultural Appropriation”? That Is The Most Idiotic Phrase One Could Use. I Have Little Patience For Ignorance, But I Still Have Much Love For African People. I Find Many African Americans Speak As A White Liberal Would Speak. If Cultural Appropriation Is Authentic Then Basically So Called “American Black Culture” Is Too. Homosexuality And Lesbianism Is Cultural Appropriation Too Since It Is Apart Of IMA Culture. I Find It Funny That Africans In America Talk About Cultural Appropriation, But How Of Them Have Culturally Appropriated Something African Such As Food,Clothing,Religion Or At Least attempted To Learn An African Language. This Is Why I Am Hesitant To Go On Social Media, Because I Know I’ll Only Get A Cluster Headache From Dealing With All Of The Ignorance. I Urge Every African To Stop Appropriating IMA Culture And Stop Being Faggots,Transexuals And Lesbians! Let’s Be Real About It Technically That’s Part Of IMA Culture.

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    1. The thing about these depraved behaviors (all forms of deviant homosexual behavior) is that when they are started, they are never relinquished. Thus, the two 13 to 14 year old black girls I saw with two multiracial people, butch lesbians, this weekend, wearing “Love is love” t-shirts, although ashamed when I called them sodomites are very unlikely to change.

      The propaganda, especially for young minds, is virtually too much. Every major tv channel is a Sodomite channel. We need alternatives since the content I see being turned out is more of the same, white or non-African savior, generally a mulatto, telling African Americans they are beautiful and “magical”.

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  2. I agree with you that the term is silly because most of the ones using it have “appropriated” IMA norms in some way. Not only the great examples you gave, but look at the things we value as Black people, what we deem important, the names we give our children.

    If we are to be real, we need to understand our role in the matter, take responsibility and make some serious changes.

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  3. @AuthenticAfricanVanguard
    You are so point brother! I said the same thing about homosexuals and lesbians. That is a part of white culture. It always has been. So if black people are down with that then they’re practicing cultural appropriation. I feel you on that!

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