“No Secret Handshakes” – What Would Practicing an African Religion Accomplish?

I lived in England when I was nine and remember travelling to a cottage  which sat on a beach. Its roof was bespeckled with beige and black tiles and a silver exhaust pipe stood on top of it. It was here that I thought about existence.

On one night, in a cottage, on that beach, I had one of the most amazing experiences I had ever had and have yet to relive. That night,  eyes closed, I thought of the stars which were outside my window while I lay on a thin bed and contemplated about the endlessness and vastness of the Universe.

Suddenly, I began to feel anxious and overwhelmed  by the idea of how small I was compared to the many galaxies around me – I felt humbled – because I knew of death – and I knew it would eventually have me – would I meet Jesus?

Is he white ?

That’s not right.

So although I love Bible allegories – Oh how I love them -they still bring a smile to my face, the high-minded thoughts my childhood of them my mind has retained. Its myths helped me to develop a conscious.

Yet, Catholicism is not conducive to raising an African family or nation.

So absence a spiritual phenomenon, how can Africans design a religion in good faith which suits African people’s needs?

I suggest the new African religion be an easy substitute for Christianity and Islam, thus, it must be clear but avoid syncretism since the latter always deludes the African component of the religious compound.

I am leaning towards a couple of obvious ideas but some feedback would be welcomed. “Ancestor Respect” is something I am looking into promoting. It may be enough.


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