How to Stop Producing Black Male Traitors by Focusing on Biology

The aim is to ensure African people’s biological survival. Unspectacular, blasé, outdated, narrow minded, German as it may sound: especially to the depraved mind – this is the goal.

To develop anchored and determined African people, always faithful, people forgoing the temptation to go against nature but instead seeking to answer its request – Can you attain power? Secure it? Use it?

However, we need strong men to accomplish these deeds, men who seek sovereignty. Yet, African American men, in particular, follow ideologies which lead to vacillation.

African Centered Biological Nationalism is the solution. What other ideology focuses on group power by defining who is African and thus induces members, based on genetic familial affiliation, to be bound to laws and customs that ensure their, African, genetic and biological survival?

Yet, it will take time to educate younger African Americans. The panacea is to focus on Western biology, discuss the jargon, and finally the politics behind the entire science.


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