Words Matter: The Orlando Sodomite Massacre

Two days after the Orlando Sodomite Massacre, President Barack Obama spoke to the nation. Standing flaccid and noticeably angry, Obama chastised his opponents, Donald Trump and other Republicans, for suggesting a ban on Muslims would deter terrorism on US shores.

However, the President was especially upset with his adversaries for admonishing him for not using the words “Radical Islam” to describe the actions of Omar Mateen, an Islamist, who killed forty-nine homosexuals, males and females, at the Orlando Sodomite club Pulse.

Midway through his address, the president posed the rhetorical question, “Why does it matter if I use the phrase Radical Islam?”

And for all those who opposed him they retorted, “Why not?”

Yet to Barack Obama words only matter if they suit his prerogatives. Add to that Obama is under the illusion that Islam is a peaceful religion.

It is not.

Nonetheless, the conversation and the framing of the incident is important, whether to label this massive bloodletting of homosexuals as a terrorist attack or a hate crime is the discussion underway within the Ima media.

Indeed, Omar Mateen, who cased several sodomite clubs, for recognizance, is now being labeled a self-hating faggot. Several homosexuals, inherent liars, claim Mateen dated homosexuals and frequented faggot bars.

– claims and allegations which have not been corroborated and have muddled the conversation .

Homosexuals want to change the narrative – anyone against homosexuality is a homosexual. An absurd rejoinder which shows a lack of reasoning. Recall, there are a high percentage of deviants, homosexuals,  working in the media.

Nonetheless, this is a very interesting twist in the culture wars which are occurring in the US.



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