Investigating the Black Male’s Mulatto Fetish

I glanced at the New York Times yesterday and saw an interesting headline attached to a picture which seemed harmless. The photo was of six black boys  haphazardly surrounding a twenty-two year old Muhammad Ali who himself is chatting with a six years old mulatto girl who sheepishly looks as if she was answering his question.

best ali

Good enough, but then I read the headline, “How Ali Met His First Love”.

Suddenly, my back grew tense and I felt uneasy.

Muhammad Ali – boxing champ, activist, humanitarian actually married a girl, albeit much later in life, who he met when she was six years old – and he was twenty two?

The entire narrative was creepy.

Of course the New York Times placed a spin on the picture and thus the story – the initial meeting between Ali and his fourth wife, Lonnie Ali, who was born Yolanda Williams, would be framed as a remarkable example of the fates.

Nonetheless, later that day, I read about Michael Jace, an African-American bit actor who starred in the television show “The Shield” and movies such as “Planet of the Apes” and “Forest Gump”.

Jace was convicted in California for killing his mulatto wife of ten years because he was broke.

April Jace (right) and Michael Jace (left)

Tough thing about those acting jobs, work sometimes is steady, but for the most part the salary in the entertainment industry is usually not as great as one would think. Indeed, acting can be a crippling career especially for a fifty-three year old bit-actor.

Michael Jace (left), Kay Henry, April’s mother (top right), Monique Lejay, April’s cousin (lower right)

Add the fact that Jace did not marry a woman who resembled his mother, in addition to the political and social environment African people are subjected to in America – it is easy to understand why I have always seen a correlation between an African man marrying a mulatto and him being a self-loathing alienated man.

Amos Wilson 1

Dr. Amos Wilson described Alienation as:

“to feel estranged or separated from; indifferent or hostile toward; unfamiliar with; fearful of; withdrawn from; unconnected to; to have lost remembrance or accurate knowledge of an identity with one’s true, undistorted self, historical self and culture, and important segments of reality. Loss of sense of self. The irrational feeling that one is someone else, that one’s body is grotesque. Feelings of aimlessness, normlessness, purposelessness, hopelessness, meaninglessness; of being unmotivated by one’s own self-originated needs and values; of being compelled or retarded by unknown, but irresistible forces.”


A pale skin fetish will have a black man chasing mirages.

Neither Muhammad Ali or Michael Jace lived in reality, both married multiracial people and both decided to vest themselves in anti-African views and ways at looking at the world.

How do I know?

Recall, all of Ali’s wives were multiracial women.

Nonetheless, these men represent paths black men take, one was a firebrand – brave at times, sold himself as a black nationalist – only to behave in ways which no nationalist of any color should and the other, Michael Jace – not so famous, closer to the lifestyle of the average African American male – sought to inflate his ego by displaying to all (mainly other non Africans) that he could attain a mulatto female. Yet instead of the action rallying praise, it displayed Michael Jace’s lack of a healthy  ego.


14 thoughts on “Investigating the Black Male’s Mulatto Fetish

  1. Unsurprising, unlike in the US, mulattoes haven’t been established as a group in the UK for long. But nearly all stats indicate they are a failed group, more so than he brainwashed black masses, single mother homes, unemployment rates, business ownership rates, land ownership rates, educational attainment, the whole bit. Wouldn’t be surprised if this is the reason many continue to latch onto the black one drop title as they aren’t really self-sustaining, aren’t viewed as marriage material for most whites who they seek and don’t seek to form a new geno-culture.

    The black men who get with the mulatto female in particular have unstable mindsets, self-alienation is one aspect, another is throwing up the white flag in relation to black people’s enemies and one of the most important is the weakness of the collective, not just the individuals choice. Why else would multiracial females, who comes from a similarly if not increasingly failing ‘geno-culture’ (if you can call mixed people one) than Afrikans be viewed as a preference for many negro males. This is a clear sign of the collective weakness, the mixed female doesn’t even provide a likely chance of creating global power on a geno-cultural level nor It only creates a prominence towards other brainwashed blacks and in serving white people’s agenda in terms of confusion. It serves LITERALLY no purpose other than for devious, self-defeatist, lewd, salaciousness.

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    1. “This is a clear sign of the collective weakness, the mixed female doesn’t even provide a likely chance of creating global power on a geno-cultural level nor It only creates a prominence towards other brainwashed blacks and in serving white people’s agenda in terms of confusion.”
      That’s a very interesting statement. I never really looked at it that way. But looking at it from a global power angle makes me see it a little differently.

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      1. One must remember multiracial people were created to serve non-blacks global power agenda. They create them everywhere as a buffer class, which normally aspires to be them, causes identity confusion, works as mediators, allow for smoother control and hands over the aboriginal status to them when they mix with non-black, this has extensively been utilised by Europeans.

        Meanwhile we ignore the reality and how and why these people were created they continue to serve the objective of the people who formed them. I spoke on it on my two part post: Latin America recognises race from a European consciousness. The consciousness inserted into them and us is KEY for European maintenance of power. Only because mixed people don’t seek power doesn’t remove them from the jigsaw puzzle for global power. China is creating them in Afrika as we speak and we all know the purpose of those biracial, don’t we?

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      2. That’s true! Very much like in Brazil. And now China is creating this buffer class in Africa. This is all designed to cause confusion. Which is why the media promotes biracial women so much in films and tv shows. I have covered this a few times on my blog. Confusion is the enemy to revolution.

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      1. Mostly the 2011 UK Census, which has various compilations of statistics. Also much of what I have observed has been personal experience. I know as a fact people mixed with black are just as failed if not more than we are in the UK, but the UK government has a vested interest in making mixed people look good, which means their statistics on them are more than likely flattering.

        Lumumba Afrika has an article on the UK’s planned usage of mulattoes in particular and other admixtures as canon fodder in place of the current supermajority, the massively aging white British population, as foreign whites are still not enough to keep up with illegal non-European immigration to the UK.

        ‘The proportion of men aged 16 to 64 who were unemployed was highest in the Other Black (17%), White and Black Caribbean (16%) and Caribbean (15%) ethnic groups. For women it was highest for Black African (12%), White and Black Caribbean (11%) and Other Black (11%) groups’

        SN: White and Black Caribbean is census term for mulatto whose black side is Caribbean versus White and Black Afrikan which is of direct Afrikan heritage. Other Black is black people who have been in the UK for a few generations, fail to identify with their parents homeland or are mixed between Afrikan and Caribbean blacks.


  2. omg because a black guy dates or marries a mixed race person of African descent doesn’t make them self-loathing. if one goes by your logic, a mixed race man would have to date a person with the same skin colour as his mother and a white person couldn’t date a black person either, the result being that mixed race people should’t exist. your article i find is racist towards mixed race people and discrminates against biracial couples.


    1. that is a sick kind of mindset. extremely narrow-minded and completely racist thinking. my father is british jamaican and my mother is german that makes me a mixed child. i am proof like many others that biracial couples can and will produce offspring if they choose to. I dont know your background. but it would also be completely illogical for an afro-european to not even consider to date outside his or her race, if only because most women or men in europe are white and you can’t really be picky. i do understand that it might be difficult at times for people to get along and fully understand each other when they have different roots. But by your logic then, biracials would also have to date biracials only and there wouldn’t be many people to choose from anymore. we are not some weird abomination sluts to have sex with and then throw away. we are humans who want to procreate as much as the next person. you carry on lineage through procreation no matter who you have sex with, just so you know. and again going by your logic you’d probably have sex with your own sister to continue some sort of lineage.


    2. You are not a throwaway. I am suggesting that in general people have to limit their sexual partners and from which race their sexual partner comes from, their own. Yet, I can understand your dilemma.


    3. Why reply. You can see this is a mulatto, they have no lineage to protect. Check UK stats on ir, you will see over 80% of mulattoes marriages involve a white partner. All the bullshit about ‘love is uncontrollable’, ‘mix with who you want’ but mulattoes chose white partners at nearly as higher rate as white people do. I though you can fall in love with anyone according to their pseudo-logic, why the bias in who you fall in love with since been biased and racism is so wrong?

      We must also remember mulattoes DO NOT stand for black love, building black communities and the like, they encourage serial individualism (which has hurt blacks severely) as they were born of it, not of a geno-cultural lineage.

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  3. I cannot buy the excuse that black people can find love with members of the caucasian race. the history between our peoples is atrocious. love what? what do they love about them? there is so much unresolved and unaccountable history. physical attraction cannot possibly be enough to hold interest. no matter how much I may like a caucasian person individually, they are still part of a collective who brutally oppress my people and other peoples of color. there is a high level of denial and delusion among those who think otherwise. to each his own, period.


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