Broken Idol: Did Lesbianism Kill Whitney Houston?

Whitney Houston was an African American female singer who rose to stardom during the late 1980’s. Her debut album, “Whitney Houston”, contained hits, such as:

  • “You Give Good Love”
  • “Saving All My Love for You”
  • “How Will I Know”

Via the album cover and music videos African Americans were introduced to what seemed to be the quintessential African American female, Whitney Houston. Her long taut body, alluring face, and angelic voice warmed the hearts of black boys and men.

Robin Crawford and Whitney Houston

 Whitney was my first crush – the woman I wanted to have kids with, her gentle voice, her enchanting eyes, her spellbinding petite yet still grand face.

Whitney Houston, mid 1980’s

It was Whitney who set the standard for what I would imagine a beautiful, cultured black woman would look like. Her album cover, music videos, occasional rehearsed and guarded interviews made all aspects of her image on radio, TV, and print  harmonious – yet, it was false.

Whitney Houston and daughter Bobbi, both dead

That leads me back to myself. I admit it. I was young and naïve. I believed everything I saw on TV.

Like many black men I did not really understand America. I did not understand I lived within hostile territory controlled by Imas, people focused on manipulating my wants and needs.

Did Clive Daves introduce Whitney Houston to homosexuality?

I am not a slanderer nor do I have loose lips. But information no matter its intentions can always be helpful, and since one has the option of either rejecting or accepting it, one virtually has nothing to lose by listening or reading gossip.

So while reading an excerpt from Bobby Brown’s upcoming memoir “Every Little Step”, I was dismayed to learn the lesbian rumors I had heard for years about Whitney Houston – who drowned in her bathtub due to drug intoxication –  were true according to her former husband, Bobby Brown.

Whitney was a lesbian.!?

Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, Cissy Houston, and Robin Crawford

It got me to thinking – why are self-professed Christians like Whitney Houston, who were raised in the church, practicing homosexuality?

Did Whitney Houston die because she practiced lesbianism?

Did the drugs cloud her judgment?

Was she introduced to the death style, lesbianism,  by her handlers such as the homosexual Clive Davis?

Was that the deal unbeknownst to her?

Anyway, I  accepted the fact that  Whitney Houston, the woman I thought was amazing and who I highly admired, was depraved. She was beautiful but lacked substance and my ignorance of what she truly was is no reflection on me but on her.



17 thoughts on “Broken Idol: Did Lesbianism Kill Whitney Houston?

  1. Whitney was beautiful but confused. She made horrible choices throughout her life. I too idealized her as the “perfect” wife/girlfriend but now I’m able to see her as she truly was without making excuses for her and her bad choices (blaming the men in her life, bad influences, etc). Her life as whole was a tragedy. She could have been so much better as a person and woman than she was.

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    1. This begs the question, knowing what we know now. Are African American athletes, singers, and dancers who have committed treason: rejecting African traditional values, propagating Ima values, ways of looking at the world, and culture – is it better to view these Africans as inferior?

      Is there a rational way to promote physical activity but shun those who participate in Ima controlled sports and entertainment businesses?

      These Africans Americans keep in mind are partially selected based on how well they accept Ima authority. Indeed, the word “partially” is probably the incorrect way to frame the function since if you are not obsequious to Ima authority in sports or music companies controlled by them you will not get far in their system.

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      1. I’m not sure if inferior is the word, but certainly less than ideal. Instead of idealizing women and men who have so-called “made it” in white society, we should shift our focus and give due praise to those who have correctly chosen to live a life more reflective of traditional African values and worldview — particularly those who have made outstanding contributions to African society and our “struggle”.

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      2. “Is there a rational way to promote physical activity but shun those who participate in Ima controlled sports and entertainment businesses?”

        Montu Arts? Perhaps we can push youth in that direction instead, or have sports be second to combat arts as the main physical activity for young men and women. This could provide us the chance to teach them our own cultural values. In fact, even sports like basketball, football, etc should be completely and thoroughly africanized.


      1. Teaches discipline and builds confidence and pride. You can also teach military science and history right along with combat arts.


      2. I was asking why in reference to the origin of the word. Montu.

        The Egyptian cosmogony is interpreted in so many ways –

        It seems vapid to practice some form of Egyptology. There is an argument it failed African people.

        A spiritual system which is being practiced now or in the past in East, South, or West Africa would be perfect.

        Vudu makes no sense. I have asked for other examples of African spiritual systems and people usually lack an answer.

        However, Ukulukulu could be an option in addition to ancestor worship.


      3. I’ve heard most use the term “montu arts” and used it here since I knew most would know what I was referencing. I’m talking about Afrikan combat arts (e.g., Kipura/Capoeira ).


  2. I had a big crush on Whitney years ago. Most brothers in my neighborhood liked either Whitney or Janet Jackson. Whitney was more vocally talented than Janet,Madonna,Celine Dion,Sade and Cyndi Lauper. But Whitney did make some bad choices in life. She was not the perfect princess I thought she was. I had heard rumors of her being gay years ago. I never wanted to be believe it….I still don’t. I heard her lover was best friend Robin. But I do think that she had some bad people around her. I don’t put it all on Bobby though. That demonic faggot Clive was a bad influence too. I know people who have worked in the music business. They have told me some real horror stories. Many of those stars go through Hell to get to the superstar level. It’s a shame how the media makes Whitney out to be a drug addicted whore. They are destroying her image. I realize she’s wasn’t perfect…but was overdoing it a bit. I just hope the sista found some peace.


    1. Men and women are complimentary while two women masturbating one another is a depraved expression of lust. For men it is even sicker. Stop!

      Whatever caused you to take this route: childhood sexaul abuse, drugs, rape, let it stay in the past and move on.

      The homosexual deathstyle is a sign of a warped, vain, and selfish mind.
      It is not African and it never will. It does not matter if white people give you a million dollars, you will always be shunned by African people who seek freedom from european domination .


      1. I’m not dealing with you. If I am wrong, well, I am wrong, whatever. If I am simply immoral, well, I am immoral. But you have crossed the line and you have passed the point of no return. You are promoting the mass shooting and thus death of homosexuals in the United States. And I will not stand for it.

        Keep your remarks to yourself before you hurt someone.

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