Why African People Reject Black Male Leadership

New York, June 6 (by Bhekizitha) –

On the face of it, the title of this article is absurd since people have seen over the decades hundreds of black men govern African and Caribbean nations as well as American and European capitals. They have done so many times with great courage and very few resources.

For example, I remember watching a show called “African Voices” on CNN. It featured Tidjane Thiam, a former member of the Ministry of Finance of  Côte d’Ivoire turned “world” financial superstar. The episode focused on Mr. Thiam’s views regarding his position as a black CEO for a major European financial institution and his experience as a Finance Minister for a  West African nation.


Here I saw Mr. Thiam blinking methodically while wearing a sharp pair of thin-steel-rim-glasses. Clearing his throat and saying in a smooth French accented English that his time supervising the finances of Côte d’Ivoire was the “toughest job” he ever had.

“Imagine lacking the resources but having to feed people, pay soldiers, teachers, police, and managers. Imagine trying to pay them money that had never existed?” Thiam said in a roundabout way.

So when the lure of money and stability called from Europe, Tidjane Thiam gladly answered and parlayed himself into a chief executive officer position at Credit Suisse, a Swiss ran financial conglomerate which pays him twenty million US dollars a year.


Well, that sounds like a success story. No person in their right mind could have a problem with an African man cashing in. Yet, this is precisely why African people are rejecting Black male leadership and travelling to European nations – hiding away in the armpits of those they should be trying to compete against.

Africans instead are choosing to be subordinates in America and Europe; indeed, they are competing “with” Imas against Africans living on the continent.

Where is the patriotism?



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