African Americans Will Vote for Trump’s Immigration Policy

By Bhekizitha

For thirty years, African Americans males have discussed how illegal immigrants from Mexico, a compliant and desperate faction of laborers, have depressed wages and weakened the ability of all US workers to bargain for better salaries, working conditions, and health benefits.

According to the Economic Policy Institute:

“Hourly wages for the vast majority of American workers have been flat or falling. And ever since 1979, the vast majority of American workers have seen their hourly wages stagnate or decline.”


African American men have seen US politicians refuse to enforce immigration laws on the books for several reasons:

  1. They love the cheap labor
  2. They like to project a false façade of compassion
  3. They need a permanent underclass


African American men understand Mexicans living in the US illegally have escaped  violence and a corrupt narco-government. The opportunity to reside in America is akin to heaven for illegal aliens.


However, if African American men believe in the electoral process, they must vote for Trump. Not because he personifies manhood, he doesn’t, and not because Trump shares their values.

No! It matters little if Trump is a bona fide racist loyal solely to Imas (Inbred mutant albinos / Europeans). African American men must vote for Trump based on what he has promised white people. They must act like vultures and clean the carcass off the American “Open to exploitation economy “and simultaneously cement their solidarity as African to one another .

Nonetheless, the major bedrock element of Trump’s campaign is to strengthen passport enforcement and  to build a wall on the southern US border. These actions alone will add value to an American Visa; thus, US citizenship.This policy should motivate African Americans to vote for Trump in 2016.

Recall, African Americans must compete with other races individually and collectively for jobs, markets, and natural resources. Neutralizing ones competition is a wise move.

I know, many of you believe Mexicans are irrelevant. However, forgetting to eliminate (deport) them will only leave African Americans more vulnerable to being exploited by the very dangerous Ima.

Voting via Absentee Ballots is hassle free. 



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