Malcolm X’s Assassination: Lesson in Lack of Fidelity

Betty Shabazz, widow of Malcolm X, a black veil covering her face, is shown at Ferncliff Cemetery in Hartsdale, NY, February 27, 1965, during burial services for her husband. At left in white garment is Imam Alhajj Heshaans Jaaber, who offered Islamic prayers during funeral and burial services. (AP Photo)

Fidelity according to the Cambridge Dictionary means the state of remaining loyal to someone and keeping the promises you made to that person.

Malcom X 1963
Activist Malcolm X is photographed protesting the death of a Muslim man killed by L.A. police. (Moneta Sleet, Jr./EBONY Collection)

Malcolm X, a Griffe,  lacked fidelity to the Nation of Islam. Recall, this is the same man who witnessed first hand how the still young organization saved thousands of lives, took men off drugs, put them to work,  gave them constructive routines to become functional members of the African American community. Yet, he was unable to look over the infidelities of Elijah Muhammad? Why?


After Malcolm’s “the Chickens are Coming Home to Roost” speech was published by the American press, he was suspended by the Nation of Islam. Yet, many questioned why? Why did Elijah Muhammad suspend Malcolm X?


I submit to the the reader that Malcolm X lacked fidelity towards the Nation of Islam, its ideology, and leadership.

According to author Manning Marable: “he (Malcolm) alternated between reaffirming his loyalty to Elijah Muhammad’s ideas and decrying his flawed morality sometimes in speeches only days apart.” (Marable 297)

Undated picture of Malcolm X (C), the leader of the Organization for the Afro-American unity. (Photo credit should read STF/AFP/Getty Images)

Although Malcolm X was the national spokesman and indeed the biggest draw for new recruits, Malcolm was seen by Elijah Muhammad as a rabble-rouser and was known for his “reputation for hyperbole” (Marable 298). A quality Elijah Muhammad disliked.


This need to exaggerate seems to be an indication of Malcolm X‘s need to dissimulate. Thus, a sure sign that he lacked fidelity for anything outside of himself. A bad attribute for a leader and certainly more so for a follower.

16 thoughts on “Malcolm X’s Assassination: Lesson in Lack of Fidelity

  1. Like I said before…the Teenage wives are well know in Chicago and have successful children. I thought it was common knowledge that Elijah had teenage Black women pregnant. I think that was Malcolm X’s biggest issue more so than than him having affairs. I think Betty Shabazz had a problem with it more so than Malcolm X considering Betty said that Malcolm X ignored her when she brought it up for years. Maybe, Malcolm X being vindictive when he brought it up because he felt humiliated about being silenced.

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    1. No problem. Cannot tolerate core issues being ignored for Red Herring such as “the girls were twelve and fourteen”. Factoids based on rumor. No police record – it did not happen.

      No great number of people can collaborate it, it did not happen.

      *So let’s look at why Malcolm X was Faithless to the NOI.*

      This articles’ focus was to point out the social problems developed between Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X. Behaviors rested on the inability of Malcolm X to act like a subordinate in word and action towards Elijah Muhammad.

      Yet, I am not a Nation of Islam fanatic. I do not see it as a militant black group. Indeed, the record shows it was more a religious movement.

      That being said, Malcolm X was part of this religious group, a group he was trying to Wahhabicise. Indeed, it seems even more absurd that Malcolm felt compelled to betray EM over his relationship with women.

      Doesn’t orthodox Islam allow that? Especially with men who have the means?

      No this was a very personal action.


      1. A grown man impregnanting teenage girls is a red herring…claiming a White man is a God is a red herring? No police record it didnt happen but a video with the two girls who were teens when they were pregnant is also not evidence.


      2. I never said the girls were between 12 and 14…Thats a lie you told on me . I said one girl was 15. Malcolm X joined the NOI when he was 22 and in prison. He left it when he was in his 30s. He died broke. Your claims are becoming more and more silly as they day goes by. Malcolm X


      3. Where is the evidence he impregnated a fourteen year old? There is none. I have read two biographies and Malcolm’s autobiography and nowhere does it state that Elijah Muhammad had children with women under the age of consent.


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