Steven Adams – ‘White Trash Card Pulled’

At the end of the first game of the NBA Western Conference Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder, Chris Broussard, a reporter from ESPN, asked Steven Adams how difficult it was to guard Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.


Adams, hair tied back like a Miss Universe contestant, hands on hips, akimbo style, with his Neanderthal brow outpacing the rest of his head, glanced down at the much shorter reporter and said, “They’re quick, quick little monkeys”.


Unfazed, Chris Broussard thanked the much larger Adams and ended the interview.


Immediately, Twitter and Facebook exploded with NBA fans calling for Adams to be suspended for what they perceived to be racist comments. Yet, the story seemed to have no legs. Adams promptly apologized and the controversy was declared over.


Well not so fast. It seems Draymond Green, a Golden State Warrior player, took exception to his teammates being called “Quick little monkeys”, and retaliated in kind by kicking Steven Adams in the groin during the third game of the series.


And while many fans were calling for Draymond Green to be suspended, he eventually was only fined $25,000 by the NBA .

Here is why.


Draymond Greens’ suspension of course would have been a devastating loss for the Golden State Warriors, a fan and league favorite. However, there is a balance of power being reestablished here by an African American male player with the blessings of the NBA’s white management – a passive consent to subordinate a Tongan / British New Zealander.

That being said, all evidence points to Steven Adams getting his card pulled – his White Trash card.


8 thoughts on “Steven Adams – ‘White Trash Card Pulled’

  1. “Adams, hair tied back like a Miss Universe contestant, hands on hips, akimbo style, with his Neanderthal brow outpacing the rest of his head.”
    I love that line! You really have a way with words brother!lol

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  2. The Warriors are horrible at defense. The only reason they win games is because they out-shoot everyone. They have a high field goal percentage. And you’re right about game 3 against Thunder. I watched that game.

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