The African Centered Biological Nationalist Manifesto

African people are the original human template. We came forth from East Africa and took our minds, bodies, and progeny on a journey to the North, West, and South of the continent. On this march of humanity, we sparsely populated Africa and eventually left our homeland to occupy our planet.

In our quest to inhabit the globe, nature played a trick on us. It was as if the farther we moved away from the source of our origin, the more forgetful we became of what we were genetically, physically, and mentally  – and eventually we ceased to exist in Eurasia.

From this extinction came the other subspecies of the African, particularly the Asian and European. These sub-branches of the human both isolated in different parts of Eurasia for tens of thousands of years produced populations with unique genetic and phenotypical traits.

These non-African groups developed functional and complex societies like Africans and  created tools Africans lagged behind in producing, specifically,  militaristic tools.

It was with this military technology: the Gatling gun, armored tanks, and eventually nuclear war heads that Europeans and Asians were able to physically and psychologically subdue Africans.

The first phase of this subjugation was the decisive battles Africans lost to non-Africans. Although occurring over a wide range of time, these battles accumulated and gave non-Africans, particularly IMAS (Inbred Mutant Albinos / Europeans), momentum.

The second phase, enslavement, also known under the euphemistic term colonialism, affected Africans across the planet.

The third phase was falsifying the consciousness of Africans. This phase caused the African to deliver self-inflicted wounds onto themselves; thus commit suicide.

African Centered Biological Nationalism aims to change the current biological, social, and militaristic trajectory of the African collective by redefining our aims in plain and logical language.

Africans must stop listening to people who identify with our history, as a novelty, so as to direct Africans towards irrelevancy.

Africans must stop listening to people who express the false narrative that Africans are not a unique group.

Africans must stop allowing the childish and treasonous to misguide the collective.

It is within this writing that I set forth the goals of African Centered Biological Nationalism:

African Centered Biological Nationalist intend to cement the definition of who is part of the African group to attain power and sovereignty for Africans.

An African person is a person who is clearly a “close” descendant of people from East Africa, a region comprised of countries now known as Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Their color variation ranges from bronze, dark reddish-brown, dark or nut brown, dark-chocolate color plus “peppercorn” hair.

African Centered Biological Nationalism mission is to gather a large group of Africans who seek sovereignty – physically and psychologically from non-Africans. The best way to attain this is by practicing the following behaviors:

  • Learn to speak and write Zulu
  • Create and protect markets
  • Our largest wealth is our comradery
  • Create large African families. Women and men should be encouraged to have many offspring
  • Segregate from non-Africans
  • Respect community hierarchy and understand it is a natural component of nature. The soil has many layers so must communities
  • Have esteem for your offspring. We live forever through our successive generations
  • Understand self-respect should not be confused with vanity
  • Accept vanity is empty and is core-less while self-respect is based on a solid center
  • Create friends whom you have things in common with and expect no more from them than you would expect from yourself
  • Know to be brave at the wrong time is as bad as being a coward
  • Be circumspect in sexual matters
  • Discern it is better to wait and do without then to be with a strange person due to insecurities or worst solely lust
  • Treat depraved sexual practice as deviant
  • Realize homosexuality, lesbianism, pedophilia, pederasty, and bestiality are depraved behaviors
  • Shun people who are social and sexual traitors
  • Do not question the purpose of the different sexes
  • Consider IMAs always as the enemy
  • Avoid thinking in nuances or who are the good and bad “white” people
  • Recognize children cannot live on promises, you must prepare for their lives as you would your own
  • Consider it is never too late to change
  • Remember there are bad seeds
  • Understand if you expect a perfect male and female relationship, you don’t want to have a relationship
  • Accept African men must die in great numbers for their children and future generations to be free
  • Comprehend hard work is useless if it amounts to nothing
  • Realize to take care who you listen to
  • Accept that the easiest route is not for African people since the current IMA power system has not been designed by or for African people
  • Speak kindly with other African people
  • Understand it is acceptable to lie and deceive traitors, Imas, and Non-Africans

8 thoughts on “The African Centered Biological Nationalist Manifesto

  1. This is a very well thought out list. I think we need something like this. I think any type of movement or organization needs some type of code of ethics. This is something that African people need desperately. A core set of beliefs are crucial. My favorite parts would be:
    Realizing that homosexuality and lesbianism are a deviant behavior.
    Always consider albino mutants as an enemy.
    Understand self-respect
    Accept vanity is empty.
    Learn to speak and write Zulu.(Something I need to do)
    Shun social and sexual traitors.
    Create large African families.
    Know to be brave at the wrong time is as bad as being a coward.
    I would give this list an A+. I’ll let you know if I can think of something to add to the manifesto. But so far,this looks really good.

    Liked by 3 people

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