Bill Cosby and the Ghost of “the One Drop Rule”

Bill Cosby was charged Wednesday with drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his home twelve years ago. These charges are likely to send the seventy-eight year old to prison. However, African Americans should not defend Bill Cosby no matter how righteous it would seem to do so since Bill has a lot to atone for.


The Bill Cosby story starts in earnest in the late sixties when he began his showbiz career doing stand-up comedy, yet it was not until the nineteen eighties that he became a breakout star in America.


It was during this time that Bill Cosby became to embody every African American traitor’s dream of success. He was famous, rich, and accepted by IMAs (inbred mutant albinos/ white people). Indeed, he gave many traitors in the African American community an acceptable identity to choose from within the IMA power structure, one which was non-threatening and affected success. To be sure, Bill Cosby was the model “African American” during the mid-eighties to the early nineties.

Cosby 3

The subliminal message the “Cosby Show” advanced was : go to a Black University, join a Greek fraternity, marry a woman or man with traditional European features; yet was not a European- -brown skin was optional, and with this homogenized new African family one was bound to have a great rich life. This message dumb downed an entire new generation of African Americans and perpetuated the idiotic idea that African people come in all shades.


I always watched the “Cosby Show” and its spin offs with a sense of disbelief.  I questioned for example why Cliff and Claire were unable to create offspring who looked similar in phenotypical appearance. Why was Phylicia Rashad casted as Claire when she routinely declared herself a multiracial woman in TV interviews?


What was the purpose of the show? Was it an amalgamation of wishful thinking of some imaginary African group of the future?

Or was it just TV?

Lies, smoke and mirrors which African Americans profess had no effect on them; yet, they were habitually comparing, analyzing, and basing their two dimensional worlds against “the Cosby Show”?

It hit me early on that “the Cosby Show” was unreal when I looked at my college educated father and stay at home mother struggling to pay bills and squabbling about money they did not have. Yet, my mother loved television and after she watched Dynasty (popular show in the late 80’s) she thought she deserved the same lifestyle.


“The Cosby Show” not only confused people like my parents into chasing after greenbacks instead of building their own exclusive group economy but it miseducated African Americans as a whole as to who was part of the African group.

“The Cosby Show” continually projected a patently false belief that “one drop of Black blood” made someone an African person in the USA and globally.

Furthermore, “the Cosby Show” gave credence to the idea that multiracial people should attain leadership roles in the African American community – leadership roles which could have inadvertently tackled the issue of self-loathing and lack of group pride if these positions were exclusively only open to genuine African people in America.


The Cosby Show indeed was the dream of Bill Cosby, a man who had a perverted pale skinned fetish and a maniac need to ingratiate himself to IMAs by projecting an European idea of an African person, a counterfeit African person seeking to be an Inbred Mutant Albino.

Andrea Constand or Howard Stern?

It is for this reason I believe the Ghost of the One Drop rule is appearing to punish Bill Cosby for his traitorous, evil and self -loathing past activities.

Now Africans have to look further into the white trash hole and examine how many more of our bought and sold representatives who seek IMA acceptance are deviants or just plain traitors.





6 thoughts on “Bill Cosby and the Ghost of “the One Drop Rule”

  1. The gay mafia is very powerful I. Hollywood. The white faggots want to make an example out of Cosby. I doubt Cosby had to drug these white sluts. Most of them that want to get close to a celebrity will do just about anything. Most women like that are drug users and very promiscuous. Cosby might be a sexual deviant…..but in Hollywood he is not alone. And I know that the people who are doing this to him have done far worse than what Cosby is accused of.

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    1. They aren’t making an example out of him. I mean its 2015, its been enough examples. Cosby, has had a falling out with many because of his adoration for Obama and his conflict with Trump. This is about destroying his legacy for some precieved insult he gave some European. He did have to GIVE them drugs, young women like drugs and sex. Quaadules dont know you out. Its a damn same people think Quaaludes is a dape rape drug. People were popping these things like candy in the 80s.


  2. People like Bill Cosby are the reason why many black/African people are passive and have opened their arms to the enemy! Not only that, he promoted the idea that to be a successful black/African person you must get a diluted-woman. Smh!!! Yeah, he promoted the hell outta that! Which is why we as blacks/Africans must kick out the multiracials, biracials, triracials and mixed-race people out of our race (tribes!). It makes no sense that we as blacks/Africans are so welcoming to outsiders who are willing to partake in our genocide! These non-Africans must be kicked out of our circle! I can’t stand the plight of multiracials, they will most definitely be our future enemies in the near future!!!

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