African Centered Bioligical Nationalist Keys to the Locks

By Bhekizitha

I was a proud American when I was eleven years old. I celebrated Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I knew the pledge of allegiance by heart and could recall for anyone who asked the first president of the US.

For better or for worse, I felt like an established and definitive member of the country.

However, in my early teens, after viewing a documentary on the Vietnam War, things started to change.

I don’t recall the name of the documentary but it described the defeat of the US at the hands of the North Vietnamese who fought a proxy war for the Chinese and Soviets. Suddenly, I realized that the USA I had read about in textbooks was an illusion. The T.V shows and commercials I watched that applauded its “omnipotent might” were false, and with that newly acquired knowledge, my own self-worth sunk simultaneously with that of my erstwhile infallible esteem for the nation I was born in. A nation I had continually been told had never lost a war.

Indeed, my allegiance and devotion to the idea of being an American continued to plummet further as I navigated my way through the IMA (Inbred mutant albino /European/ white) public schooling system.

I can remember distinctly while in seventh grade an episode in which my mulatto history teacher, Ms. Morgan, had begun to teach the IMA historical narrative of Early America. I felt her eyes glued to my body, slyly observing my reactions to every demeaning description and supposed station she inferred African people should see for themselves in America; then and now. A tale which was in-lock step with your typical white nationalist view of the world. It was not until this class that my hatred for IMAs developed and blossomed.

Nonetheless, my mulatto teacher, Ms. Morgan, I wouldn’t say was being entirely malicious since I saw glimpses of pity.  Whether it was for herself or for me it does not matter but I preferred to believe it was for herself since every man knows pity is the last thing one should wish for or accept.

Even young men detest it if they have any ounce of honor.

No! I was not mad at her then or now. Since I sincerely believed that it was not her responsibility to educate me on African people’s historical relationship with IMAs. This was the duty of my parents. It was my parents who had deliberately become Negroes, brain dead Africans. It was my parents who lacked the determination to be sovereign people.

Nonetheless, despite all those and numerous other obstacles, my indoctrination failed. And one of the main reasons was my belief in my own senses and my trust in their accurateness to assess the world around me.

Looking back there were some behaviors and ways of thinking I practiced so as to avoid being indoctrinated in the IMA social / power system and thus remaining a warrior for my family and  African people who are seeking to attain power and sovereignty:


Keys to the Locks

  • We live forever through our successive generations


  • Self-respect should not be confused with vanity


  • Vanity is empty and is core-less while self-respect is based on a solid center


  • Create friends whom you have things in common with and expect no more from them than you would expect from yourself


  • To be brave at the wrong time is as bad as being a coward


  • Be circumspect in sexual matters


  • It is better to wait and do without then to be with a strange person due to insecurities or worst solely lust


  • Treat depraved sexual practice as deviant


  • Homosexuality, lesbianism, pedophilia, pederasty, and bestiality are depraved behaviors


  • Shun people who are social and sexual traitors


  • Do not question the purpose of the different sexes


  • Consider IMAs always as the enemy


  • Avoid thinking in nuances or who are the good and bad “white” people


  • Children cannot live on promises, you must prepare for their lives as you would for your life


  • It is never too late to change


  • Remember that there are bad seeds


  • If you expect a perfect male and female relationship, you don’t want to have a relationship


  • African men must die in great numbers for their children and future generations to be free


  • Hard work is useless if it amounts to nothing


  • Take care who you listen to


  • The easiest route is not for African people since current IMA power system has not been designed by or for African people


  • Speak kindly with other African people


  • It is acceptable to lie and deceive traitors, Imas, and Non-Africans



12 thoughts on “African Centered Bioligical Nationalist Keys to the Locks

  1. Wonderful post! Absolutely genius! This is a great way to end the year. I had to share this on Twitter. That is a great list that black children should read. I think this list would be very helpful in avoiding pitfalls in this racist environment. I may have to write this list down.
    May you have a very prosperous 2016. Much blessings to you and your family.

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  2. Indeed, my allegiance and devotion to the idea of being an American continued to plummet further as I navigated my way through the IMA (Inbred mutant albino /European/ white) public schooling system.

    This is when my awakening happened as well. I was educated in Europe and the United States but the things I was taught at home from my elders where night and die from the lies I knew they were telling me. As I grew older, I begin to understand that I was in a war vs. Europeans.

    I like your list its brilliant. That is a very good social theory.

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  3. Okay. What wanted to say/add is:
    Controlling of symapthy, empathy, & feelings.

    Which makes understanding that ALL string head mutants are enemies; regardless of their age.

    ‘Cause some folks in ACBN (not saying names) have an adoration for IMH babies and children (Inbred Mutant Hillbillies).

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