The Obama Administration: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

By Bhekizitha

In 2008, the United States elected its first multiracial president, Barack Obama. He gained public notoriety with his curious story of being the offspring of a European-woman from Kansas “and” claiming to be the son of an African man from Kenya of who he had no resemblance to. Reminding one of the old adage, “Mommies baby, daddies maybe”.

However, as Barack Obama’s good luck would have it, a suspension of disbelief was practiced by the body politic who sought to divorce themselves from any memory of the previous Bush administration which had coaxed them into two offensive wars which had become quagmires. Moreover, an administration that nurtured and developed an economy aimed at benefiting a small minority of well-connected European Americans and their non-European-American lackeys.

In this type of political environment, delusions were readily and willingly accepted by Americans to deny their past gullibility.

This was the fertile soil laid to facilitate the growth of Barack Obama to the presidency of the “once” most powerful Republic on the planet. His ascension in the European political realm was heralded as a game changer. Indeed, real political change; an America that was finally post racial.

One would heavily laugh of course several years later during Obamas’ second term at these assumptions: the Ferguson Uprising, the systematic targeting and assassination of European police officers and their agents, and the downtrodden view of race and social relations within the nation could no longer be swept to the way side by a small group of European media magnates.

Nonetheless, the beginning was promising. With Obama at the helm, the US would once again lead the world. Yet, not with brawn and deception but with cerebral deliberateness and moral suasion.

The first challenge laid at the feet of the Obama administration was to stabilize and unstable economy and prosecute those who caused its unravelling due to fraud. Yet, in an abrupt about face, contrary to his campaign promises, President Obama claimed he would basically forgive those who caused millions to lose money.

But the deception did not stop there. President Barack Obama’s cabinet was supposed to be a cornucopia of new thinkers and shake up artist. However, the first appointment made by the newly minted President was a retread: Ben Bernanke – who had been the chair of the Federal Reserve during the financial crisis of 2008.

Mr. Bernanke to every thinking Americans surprise was astonishingly re-appointed. Yet, far from being an anomaly; indeed, it became a staple identity of the Obama administration. The same faces of well-heeled European Americans were either shuffled into different major governmental institutions or reappointed to their post – so much for change.

Once again, the European media was silent. They whispered out loud any criticism would be racist. Yet, racist to who would beckon the question? Barack Obama after the first couple of months of his administration had made it abundantly clear: The US would have a different approach. However, white nationalism, albeit a soft white nationalism, would still be the ethos.

So the old African-American church goer with her pristine yellow or pink dress who waited on line in 2008 and less enthusiastically in 2012, and again elected Barack Obama by a decisive margin for him to win in the swing states such as Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Colorado, was further insulted by his guile when he announced he had evolved and would promote homosexuality and abortion; behaviors and practices they deemed culturally abhorrent.

However, if these women and men had been cognizant they would have been aware of the type of person they were supporting. They would have recognized the many holes in the popular narrative of Barack Obama. The most apparent and illuminating of which would have given insight into Barack and how his administration would shape economic and more importantly social policy.

I knew Barack was a deceiver when he insisted on being called a black man. Did he fail biology 101? Every High School student knows that a half of anything does not make a whole? But with the white media supporting and promoting self-identification politics there was little to no discourse within European circles about this matter.

However, although with a smaller and less influential media, the African community in the USA and abroad questioned the idea of white Americans and job seeking African American politicians and lackeys defining a multiracial man as African-American. Indeed, many Africans in the diaspora and the USA questioned Barack Obama’s entire story.

Who was Obama’s real father? Was it Frank Marshall Davis, a bisexual African American who worked for the communist party and was known to be a cohort of Barack Obamas loose mother?

Nonetheless, Barack Obama’s presidency gave him a mandate. A mandate via his popular vote to rein in the wealthy European-American minority and to level the playing field for all other citizens unable to hit the lotto, sing a great tune or play basketball.

To date, according to data released in March of 2015 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics., the number of Americans 16 years and older who did not participate in the labor force–meaning they neither had a job nor actively sought one in the last four weeks–rose from 92,898,000 in February to 93,175,000 in March.

African Americans should ask President Barack Obama, why wasn’t he able to create an environment which employed African people in America? What happen to the Change?


12 thoughts on “The Obama Administration: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

    1. I did my research on him before he was elected. So I knew a little about his background. I knew enough to know he wouldn’t do anything for African people. White supremacy needed a facelift…and Obama was just the guy they needed to hoodwink the masses.

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      1. I won’t even lie, when Obama first ran for president I was somewhat caught up in the hype. Back then I wasn’t “conscious” so I sort of have an idea what coons saw/see in him. A lot of what he represented was the illusion of progress and pseudo black power. People desperately wanted to see a “black” man in office even if he wasn’t really black.

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      2. Same here. I have learned that they are all puppets, no matter the skin color or political party. It’s all an illusion that we, the voters, really have control over who is [s]elected.

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      3. It’s cool. Don’t feel bad,you’re not alone. I remember seeing people like Oprah and Jesse Jackson crying when he was elected. A lot of our people got caught up in the moment. It’s understandable because history was being made. But after about a year or so the hype wore off and we all got back to reality. We realized Obama being in office didn’t change our position in the world.


  1. I never expected anything from Obama to begin with. He gave a lot of black people false hope. All the black people who are not critical thinkers fell for it. It was to make most of us think we were finally accepted by this racist society. It was to push the myth of a “post racial” Amerikkka. Many of us were so delighted that the “son of Africa” had become President. But he was hand picked by the white racist elite. Obama has no real power at all. Therefore,he was never able to do anything for the African collective. Besides he was a biracial man anyway. It’s very hard to trust someone who was birthed from between the legs of a white woman…yet calls himself a black man.

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      1. And he played it well. He kept many of our people fast asleep. Although I must admit in the last five years there is a growing consciousness among our people. Many people that were into the “Obama hype” have realized their were hoodwinked.

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      2. I was one of them! My dad got tickets to one of his campaign rallies and a friend and I were so excited to be there! We were chosen to hold his signs up behind the stage. omg we were so hype. So proud! And to be surrounded by so many people who thought we’d never see skin like his in the white house, to be in his presence felt so special. And my parents were so proud that we got to be a part of that moment.

        Now I’m like… fuck em! Forget all of em! All it takes is a moment to completely alter your views.

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