How to Stop State Sanctioned Murder of African Americans

By Bhekizitha

State sanctioned murders in Chicago, domestic terrorism in Minneapolis, and knockout punches of the elderly in Texas are just a few recent examples of racist attacks against African Americans. However, instead of learning from our past as a unique genetic group, African Americans continue to use the same tactics and approaches that have failed us in the past.


When will we, African Americans; indeed, Africans in general, understand that our behavior as a group must shift for change to occur in the societies we live in?


The approach taken currently is a failure. It is a path which allows anyone into the fold, anyone to deride the group plus not face sanctions, and anyone with enough powerful non-African support to be deemed a leader.

President Obama


African Americans have allowed the childish and the treasonous to set the agenda. Now the question is how can we change that?

Chris Rock

We could prop up an ancient African cosmogony and someone could declare they had seen the “light”, placing our trust in the hope African people would follow group actualizing tenets with the promise of going to an African heaven.

Or we could follow some commonsense approaches to lead us towards our earthly salvation.

Since we have a systemic problem with treason, we should deal with that first. Shunning people of course is a great tactic; however, denouncing I submit to use is a better one.

Thus, the ACBN guide to living would encourage; indeed, require African Americans and Africans in general to:

Censure African people as well as others who maligned African people unjustly.

Treason is a sorrowful act and at times a well-paid one for many who ingratiate themselves to non-Africans. The treasonous seek to escape the unescapable, problems. Yet, if they were able to see trouble as possible floodwaters, they would grasp the idea that all one has to do is place their individual bricks with others to create a floodwall capable of fighting against the many deluges which are sure to come in life.



With that being said, let us focus on ending African treason today.

Sala Kahle


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