Donald Trump’s Racist, Inaccurate ‘Black-on-Black Crime’ Tweet

By Bhekizitha

Donald Trump is courting  racist IMA (inbred mutant albino / white) voters by publishing bogus US Crime statistics. Trump’s fake statistics stated that IMAs killed by IMAs amounted for only 16% percent (the number is actually 82%) of the overall reported deaths in the US and Blacks Killed by Blacks amounted for 97% (the actually number is 87%) of the overall deaths in the US in 2015. Trumps numbers are way off and can only be attributed to racism since according to the FBI his statistics are erroneously false.

Trump sent the bogus statistics via a Twitter comment which was emblazoned with a stereotypical image of a black man holding a pistol sideways and wearing baggy jeans and a handkerchief wrapped around his head.

The comment has been the first outright racist attack Trump has made against African Americans since he decided to run for president.LIES

That being said, although statistics created and documented by inbred mutant albinos should be taken with a grain of salt. I think it is great that Trump Tweeted the sham numbers. Now African people in the US can be made aware if they weren’t before that “white” on “white” murder is on par with so called black on black murder. Indeed, murder is mostly intraracial in the US.

Nonetheless, I still stand by my prediction that if inbred mutant albinos are really the majority in the US, Trump wins the Presidential election, and that is not a bad thing. With an outright IMA (white) fascist at the helm of the US, convincing Africans to adopt an African Centered Biological Nationalistic approach to life will be made so much the  easier.


One thought on “Donald Trump’s Racist, Inaccurate ‘Black-on-Black Crime’ Tweet

  1. Trump is a damn clown! He knew those stats were garbage in the first place. Those of us who have sense know that Trump is a racist pig. This is not news to us. However this was good in a way. Maybe this will wake up any brain dead negroes that were thinking of voting for this clown.
    I also agree that most violent crime is intraracial. The media loves to talk about black on black crime any chance they get. But you never hear the term “white on white crime “. Of course we know this is all by design. Thanks for this post. Salute!

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