Trump – White Superior Power or White Extinction

I am convinced Donald Trump will become the Republican nominee, and this election will definitively answer the question: “Are IMAs (Whites) the majority in the US.”

In the 2012 Presidential election according to the New York Times, 62,611,250 people voted for Barack Obama, the Democratic Incumbent nominee; helping him to win 332 electoral votes. On the other hand, Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee, had 59,134,474 individual votes and 206 electoral votes.

The total number of votes was 121,745,724.

According to the 2010 Census, the population of the United States is 321,522,000, making it the 3rd most populace country on the planet. IMAs make up supposedly 72.41% of the population; Africans (Blacks) make up 12.61%,  and Asians, 4.75%.

The total percentage of the three main races on the planet that live in the USA is 89.77% with the remainder being self-identified biracial, multiracial, or American Indian.

Nonetheless, 37.87% of the eligible voting population voted in 2012.

We have been inundated with Census data indicating that IMA  men  and women are the majority. Let’s forgo the idea whether they speak Spanish or not since most humans who have the phenotypical traits of a European, for the most part, vote across racial lines rather than ethnic.

Indeed, I submit to you that most IMAs, even those who may originally be from Spain, Sweden,  Norway,  or Germany, and have lived in the US for many years see themselves as US citizens second and Europeans / Whites first.

That being said, we will actually know if IMAs are the majority in the US based on the fact that Trump is running on a soft white nationalist platform. We see the same thing occurring all across Europe: Sweden, France, Finland, and the Netherlands, just to name a few have had a surge of white nationalist gaining political power within their parliamentary systems. Nationalism focused on curbing immigration and “terrorism”.

Trump is aiming to reestablish IMA male power. He wants to make US citizenship exclusive. And there are tens of millions of IMAs who agree with him.

After 8 years of an effeminate multiracial president, the IMA American male feels weak. President Barack Obama has achieved his goals. His crowning achievements were:

1.Marketing himself to African Americans, especially African American women; thus, getting them to vault him over the victory line in the Battle ground states of  Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida and Colorado in 2012.

2.Carving a high court stacked with judges who validated the debased and depraved homosexual IMA / European lifestyle. Some say this was Obamas’ only purpose. An action he would have never been able to set up if his intentions would have been known to African Americans since blacks would have never voted for him if they knew he was pro-homosexual.

3.Creating a captive consumer for health insurance companies under the guise of universal healthcare.

Yes, we will finally know if IMAs are the majority.

Will so call Hispanics (peoples, nations, and cultures that have a historical link to Spain) be able to vote as a block? And does it matter?

With so many US citizens from the two main racial groups agreeing with Trump, how can Trump not win?

For example, African Americans will primarily vote for Trump due to his “prosperity gospel rhetoric” or because they have a huge contempt for the submissive, meek, and passive way Hispanics, specifically Mexicans (in their minds), have stolen jobs, and depressed wages.

So the election of 2016 will answer the question, how many Europeans really are there in the USA?

Please note this is not an endorsement of Donald Trump.

Sala Kahle


5 thoughts on “Trump – White Superior Power or White Extinction

  1. This is a very well thought out post. Once again you bring up some valid points involving Trump. When Trump first entered the race I saw it has a joke. I thought no one would take him seriously. Mainly because he comes off as a loud mouth,pompous, self serving punk. He’s more of an entertainer than a politician. But I must admit I was wrong. He has tapped into the minds of white folks. He talks about illegal immigrants,the country losing to other nations and making America great again.
    This is nothing but white nationalism. Trump knows he’s trying to create white fear. Many whites already feel they’re losing the country to minorities. And the same sentiments are felt in Europe as well. It will be interesting if Trump can pull it off. I think the election will come down to Clinton and Trump. And neither one will be doing anything to help black people. All albino mutants are the same…..whether republican or democrat.

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    1. Yeah me too. But I know most whites can’t wait for Obama to They don’t care who is President,just as long as Obama is gone. Obama was only put in place to create the illusion of a “post racial” society. Which we all know doesn’t exist. And Trump is smart enough to capitalize on the fact. He’s using the racial animosity to his advantage. So much for post racial right?lol

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