Taboo: The Devil and His Prey

By Bhekizitha

I saw this picture today and became angry. A feeling of disgust and then sorrow soon followed because I knew these boys would be groomed, effeminized, and likely sodomized by their so called “parents”. I knew these three African American children, and multiracial child would become desensitized to the horrible environment they were actually living in, under the guise it was better for them to be in a stable home, than no home.

I then began to think proactively. What are some solutions that can insure Africa Americans insulate themselves and avoid the influence of IMA (inbred mutant albino) homosexual marketing and culture? Well the first and most important sphere of influence is that which lies within African American’s own heads. Furthermore, African Americans have to think clearly of how to deal with a growing amount of African people who are apathetic, compromised, or weak minded on the issue of homosexuality.  African Americans need to ask themselves: How can we help African people adhere to mores that reflect African people’s traditional values from time immemorial?

It shouldn’t be surprising how many young and old African Americans are being led astray to the point they hardly flinch at the sight of a homosexual IMA having  a young African American male on his lap. The image is disgusting. His devilish grin oozes ill intentions and his knowing snarky gaze illustrates a dishonest and self-loathing character.

I for one recommend African Americans go on the offensive. Fighting back in the African American community seems to be the popular approach. I guess I like to attack. It is time to ramp up the rhetoric against this dishonorable behavior and shun those who are indifferent to it. Keep in mind this may not be the single most abhorrent social ill facing African Americans, but it definitely cumulates many.

African American men and women who have sex for mere pleasure in uncommitted relationships create throwaway children. African-Americans must plan, execute, and deliver. African Americans must plan to have relationships with partners they can function with, create reasonable goals, execute those goals, and finally deliver on promises made between themselves.

In conclusion, this picture of two homosexual IMAs angers me because I know these children will forever be scarred and their biological parents who are African Americans are to blame. The goal is to change the environment so that these type of African Americans adults become a profound minority, taboo.


7 thoughts on “Taboo: The Devil and His Prey

  1. I feel you on this brother. I always speak out against this sickness. This makes my stomach turn. Their devilish grins speak volumes. They are nothing but sick sexual deviants! These children will grow up confused about what it means to a man and a real African. They will have NO African identity. Their minds and souls will be destroyed.
    I agree that their biological parents are to blame. They shouldn’t have had children if they can’t take care of them. But I am sick of seeing these faggots adopting black children. Seeing these cock suckers holding black children is disgusting! Makes me want to puke!!

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  2. I’m convinced all white men are gay, many with pedophiliac tendencies, so this saddens me greatly. I completely agree that we need to take our community back and raise our children in the village like we used to. It’s necessary now more than ever.

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  3. I disagree on the idea that the parents are to blame. The entire community is. When we have no say on the rules that govern our community, and rely on our ennemies to make the rules for us, it’s just a matter of time such things happen. Parents are also often forced out of their children lives now.
    what really sickens me is that we rely on IMA social services to take care of our children if something goes wrong. Kelley is right the village system is more efficient in that it allows us to make our own rules, raise our children collectively with the same mindset, and help ensure future generations will be born & raised following the same standards. I’m tired of that image of the Black family that copies that of the whites. I has never been two people & 3 children… Even IG’s SBPM uses this fake image of our family structure, it’s complete and therefore very weak. If both parents die or fail without a designated legal guardian, what happens? who’s in change? Do we have elders in charge? Do we have family councils to solve problems internally? I hope that SBP movement will morph into something more political in that sense, to help us build a lobbying force that will promote a different standard applied to us. Especially in the US, you have so many communities lobbying to have a different standard applied to them, based on how they are: Natives, Amish, Jehova Witness, so-called Jews… even immigrants create their chinatown, korean town, Indians have their various systems, all that to ensure their specificity is protected. If you’re not fighting for it, who is? your ennemy???


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