Why Black Men Refuse to Marry

I have noticed many African American men failing to settle down and have kids. Of course there are some who are prone to have many and unfortunately some  of these men refuse to be permanent figures in their children’s lives. However, lets focus on African American males who are heterosexual and who aim to be good men. These men are not marrying. Yet, the opposite attitude is prevailing in countries outside the States. For example, Africans on the continent routinely have 3 or more children per household; indeed, many have 4 to 6. So why is the African American male refusing to have children? Why is the birth rate among African Americans tepid?

The answer lies in the edict African Americans as a whole have adopted, “follow the white people”. White males across the world refuse to marry white females. Thus, the white family and population are declining exponentially. The adoption of white mores by African Americans is the main reason marriages are on the decline within the community.

I hear African Americans males who are in the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s declaring they cannot find an African American woman. As if it was ever easy to find a woman. Why are they so discouraged? Why are they so afraid to settle down? Surely there are plenty of African American women who want to marry and have children. Yet, the race within the US has created unrealistic expectations for itself.

It is easy to bash females as well as males. There is plenty of ammunition for both sides who promote these arguments. But I believe the single most important thing that must occur is a social and cultural change within the community. Number one, economics is important, yet it does not supersede human functionality.

I say this to say that African American men and women must adopt new cultural behaviors which emphasis harmony among the male and female genders. I am willing to start the conversation, are you?


6 thoughts on “Why Black Men Refuse to Marry

  1. Exhibit A:

    Notice parasites from the microcosmic to the macrocosmic universes – are devoid of melanin, a key ingredient to logic and common sense; upon existence, these creatures can only consume and destroy every person, place and thing in their path.

    This documentary clearly shows how indigenous humans were never invaded (nor waiting for an invasion) from outside planet earth – but we were invaded, from within. So in like fashion of the caterpillar’s parasites, so goes that of the human…

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  2. Interesting, I was thinking something similar recently.
    I’m not in the US (& I know you guys have a harder time w/ the nazis you’re living w/ making your daily life a nightmare) but a similar situation is observable in Europe & Canada – and increasing in Africa. This problem touches especially (mis)educated Blks who choose consciously or subconsciously to follow IMA mentally. One think I noticed in an environment where the lowest salaries amongst white colars is around 40/50k (so economics is not the issue) is that people tend to live isolated. Especially because they can financially. I was in Africa not long ago & I couldn’t spend a day without requiring people’s help for things that would have taken a minute, a card or a phone call to an automated system to do in North America/EU. Here we can live alone, no prblem. And that’s our first pb.
    And like Babatunde mentioned in your video’s comment section, we tend to have unrealistic (& downright out of our world/reality) expectations. And it’s normal considering we don’t control our environment like we do still in Africa, for example most images we see are IMA propaganda which twists our minds/perception of reality… Most men in the N.A./EU look for thin women… good luck with that when we are know to be naturally taller,curvier & have more muscles & bone density. And in a way, it can be so perverse that you can end up having really crazy/sad complexes – I use to pray to stop growing & felt unhappy I could not break bones as well as my white/mulatto friends growing up. I later regretted not being taller when my sister & cousins back home started to catch up & turn taller than me. I was looking at the wrong people for comparison. We being social people we look at others for clues, but what if the people are the wrong ones. And it’s not to brag about it, we really have a pb world wide… looking at the lower type of people for clues as to how to be & conduct ourselves. Hopefully,we’ll go back to following the right track soon. But we need help – we need more interaction.
    One of the pb we have, which ties back to our difficulty in finding good black mates, is that once out of school/uni/home we are not around Blks anymore, at least not enough & not the type we know are here for the same thing. I could write chapters on that but to keep it short, I think one of our solution since we don’t have the village/familly structure Africans (& even organisations such as churches, NOI, Blk Panthers, etc.) have, we should strive to create these occasions of meeting we our kind. We already have such initiates in universities & organizations. But if you’re a non-affiliated young pro, you fall into no precise category, that’s the pb young pro-blks have. U won’t find them in churches, NOI is a mulatto organization that as you can expect is in reality really racist towars Blks and black features – I don’t know if you’ve listen to some of their leader speech on us being so-called cursed for having kinky hair etc – and if you’re not one of those lunatics BlkGreek lifestyler (whatever they mean by that BlkGreekLetter org. BS) you’re really screwed. As I’m from the diaspora, I’ve noticed Africans meet for certain occasions, but it’s getting more rare for dome reason. We should therefore strive to recreate such occasions. My thoughts this week lead me to think that we should during the Blk History Month add a “Season”… If you’re familiar with IMA history you know that they used to have (& still for some groups among them) a period they called yhe Season during which they’d have balls & social gatherings & even carnival/masked prom type of “ball”. That was a critical tool in time of war to keep the family structure & society striving despite the growing lack of men. Even injured men after war could easy remarry thanks to these social activities disguised as simple celebrations whrn in reality they were clever of ensuring people of all age would keep getting married and for the young ones would keep having babies.
    Think of it, how did IMA colonise the world so fast, through birth. what are fake Arabs trying to do with EU?
    We think of men strengh as the arm force on the battle ground when in reality men are the defense team mates, the real attackers are women. They are the only one who can populate an entire land the size of a continent within a couple of generations. That’s why they created that gender war in the Blk communities & even sent UN envoys in countries like mine where density is among the higher after genocides & civil wars, only comparable to the vatican & gaza, to teach people yhat having children is a bad thing. We’re too many supposedly. And it worked wonders on my parents generations, they went from thinking children are wealth, to children are a financial burden. From 13 & 11 for grand-fathers to 3 for my father (about the same w/ my uncles) to 0 for my bro (w/ a white gère-mène type of girl & a chiwawa as a baby…). I’m counting men only as the lineage where I come from is transmitted through men. If I wanted my kinds to stay in the same “lineage” (that’s not the right translatio… but it’s like ethnies if you want) I’d have to find someone who is of the same “aristocratic” background. BTW don’t get me wrong it’s not the same as incest, people most of the time come from different province, but they are addressed as coming from this or this branch/dinasty… But I digress.
    Anyway, thanks for the video, it’s like having a telepathic connection w/ someone far away.
    The other video is really sad but so previsible. we keep telling IMA all our plans/ideas (like I just did SORRY) of rebellion, we keep brushing to their faces that we’re stronger, better, etc., so automatically they respond by showing us they can beat us in total impunity. Hence why skinny coward cops & even white old chicks feel they can talk to us any kind of way & do as they wish. But contrary to everybody else I found this time awesome. I hated the Will Smith/W Golberg/Cosby area. That was when we were taken down in silence and when some would dare to speak they’d be silenced w/ some nonsense like JC this Allah that Abrcadabra Forgive &Forget! Now it’s F*** AlSharpie! F*** the fake gods! And welcome back freedom fighters & resistence. All week I was watching IG speeches on WOH etc. And I was like “finally” the faggotery is wear off amongst us. But the video reminded me also that we need to stop the nonesense. There’s no such thing as feminism. That’s another white tactic IMA have found to silence the Blk Womrn force they are so f…ing scared of. Everything in us is backward. Our women are so strong they are compared to mules, men/transsexuel, BlkPanther armed activists, etc. Or worse… BABY MAMAs!!! Remember they want us weak and diminished so they can finish us off. Our number has always been the source of our strengh (and even the source of theirs as long as they could control it). All their movies since the beginning of cinema have portrayed us as though/strong in an almost mystical uncomprehensible kind of way. A month ago I watched a stupid movie “Single woman club” (apparently we’re supposed to ally with IMA madams now!)… if you ever get a chance listen to how they speak about one of the woman. Michele O, Williams sisters, etc. we all go through the same nonesense, havinv to be compared with 1/2 a human (IMA) or 1/3 of a human (asiatics) . Sorry but physically there’s just no comparison! They need the protein powder, enriched milk & BB formulas, steroids, hormoned/antibiotic stuffed meats, surgery enhancement/padding especially in bras/tank tops. And we get the exact contrary from EVERYBODY including our own! Can you believe I had complexe for everything in me that I could think of (things that were praised if found in other races – but did not think of that back then)… but if

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  3. (cont’d) if that was not enough I had people come up to me to tell me crazy things to make me fell more unconfortable in my body.
    Like a month ago, African mama (total stranger) came up to me as I was waiting for my bus. Iwas running to lunch real quick, wearing a turtle neck but forgot my coat. She wispered weirdly something that I thought at first was pervert until she repeated and I realized she was asking me to press on my nipples ( I know TMI/ embarassed enough to even recall that) as if they were retractable. None the less is that painfull but it’s also completely stupid as it would have the exact opposite effect. As she saw I was trying to down play it yo save some face saying “we’re not in Africa nobody notice that here”, she frowned & almost scolded me that it was “showing TOO MUCH!” Thank God I am now waaaayyy stronger mentally. It really made an impact especially because it’s the second this same thing happens to me where an African woman tries to make me feel like some type of prostitute for having something they have too. The other time being a demeaning comment as I was mentioning to my colleagues that I was surprised that ai had been able to work with the same client for two days/14hrs straight for months without him complaining & asking to have more teachers instead… the muslim divorced women from Djibouti (ironically still wearing a niqqab/hidjab or whatever they call that veil despite having filled for divorced) retorted that it must have less to do with my competence & more to do with my “pointed titts” (yeah!that raw, disagreable, embarrasing) in front of all my female colleague who automatically turned to my boobs, though covered in both a turtle neck & a cardigan. One day, I realized what the real issue was… because obviously my 95C is not THAT impressive. Especially compared to both African mamas with their triple D cups… I remembered working in the lingerie department a long time ago and noticing most bras had a padding of some sort. I didn’t wear those as I was self conscious at the time and the last I wanted was bigger boobs, we have enough curves to complain about already… I was making that observation as noticed little pads sold in a drugstore… They were aimed at concealing (yeah! concealing!) the nasty whorish looking infamous nipples! Cachez ce sein que je ne saurais voir!
    I want to scream sometime at the stupidity of our people. But I realized something, both women looked like women coming from other parts of Africa where women are not held in high regards (WestAfrica/Djibouti/muslim influenced countries) why is that important? Over the years, I’ve noticed that Africans do not share the same education at all when it comes to the fundamentals (women, children education, marriage & even food!) In those countries with a heavier slave history & muslim influence Africans have grown to think that women need to be covered from head to toe, children should not be subjected to the same level of moral, men can have several women without even consulting their wives, all the way to the food that can have such things as cows skin, cul de dindon (turkey ass – no joke) or whatever part of animal/birds we don’t typically eat. I’m linking that to their history because in place where people have not been enslaved and treated like subhumans these things would not be seen as normal. You compare that to East Africa even though it is still patriarchal you do not find excision, less veiled women (typically muslims or small scarf for paysants). men as much as women have to be faithfull, celibate preferably before marriage in their 20s (which make sense if you want to avoid rape that’s now growing a little in our countries even in times of peace). People would make traditional meals out of the best parts of the animal, etc. WHY? Because THEY RESPECT THEMSELVES. There’s things you just don’t do especially socially when you respect yourself and if you don’t respect yourself you don’t respect other either. Hence the mamas and even these IMAs being soooo disrespectful in public. That’s just a reflection of their upbringing & mindset/soul. Hurting others without thinking of the consequences. I know we’re all humans, but as I’m thinking of the best society where to raise my children, I can not help but notice all these little things that make a heck of a difference in someone life in general. You’ll not grow the same or won’t grow at all if you are systematically criticized, made to feel abnormal (like going shoeshopping and all your children have too big a foot for that country, going to the doctor only to be told you kids are too tall compared to their bell curves & that you should therefore starve them a little, not much huh, just so they can fit the curves/brackets whatever. I mean WHERE DOES IT END!) Why again are we sending our kids to the lying institutions, defenseless? put them in front of the idiot box for more lies, manipulations & agressions, and if that’s not enough you’ll have a white adult to beat the shit out of them and since everybody’s a coward (parents included) let’s just blame the kid who we were supposed to protect & care for until they’d learn to protect themselves. No wonder they turn agressive or too submissive to even fight back. That girl was an orphan from what I heard…. So sad, when I think of how we’d get scared when an adult,especially white, would scold/tell on us to our parents or beat us… Imagine a cop w/ a gun, in nazi USA! And noone to rely on, only ONE African American GIRL (!!!) to stand up for her & video tape, all these IMA devils coming to school to back the aggressor & invent all sorts of things to blame the victim for a cell phone (I seriously wanted to jump at that raven simone for pouring more oil on the fire… like it’s words of wisdom) I know things like that I meant to make us go insane, but that just convinced me I was right to think that EVERYBODY in the community, from the age of 3 (our children develop faster & stronger at an early age) should learn to defend themselves. Women/girls included. Asians do that, nobody mess with them. And when we are trained (even when we are not) we tend to demonstrated more strenght than all the other, we’re sadly just too nice and passive. But just like Natives said We Shoud Be Idle No More! For those who say it’s feminist/lesbian talk – only men know how to fight & are the protectors…. well, first of, f*** off! We have a long history of slavery, colonisation by anybody & everybody, rape, genocide, women having their pregnant bellied cut open, police brutality now, etc., to prove it doesn’t work. Women/girls are travelling out of the familly/village (even school is a foreign place w/ these devil structure), so just like they contribute financially, and are part of the work force, from the fields in Africa to the NA corporate world, they should all know how to fend for themselves


  4. At least that’s what we’ve learned from our last genocide. They implemented mandatory military service for all men and women before they could attend university & they had to serve too. Before IMA put an end to if & even messed with our military composition & decided to make us give back the guns to let the genociders run the country. now you’re army is back to “train” us… and sure enough we have more insecurity and unrest in the country. When are we gonna learn??? BTW, I know the US Forces are not your army (I’m just joking).


  5. Thank you. Hopefully we’ll implement some of our ideas, if not all, to help the next generation.
    Afterall, it’s our only real purpose in life: live a good life so we can pass it on the next generation… just like in a collective race.
    It’s not easy but we can strive to make it happen.


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