Working for the Enemy: African-American Police

Randolph Holder, an Afro-Guyanese American who worked for the New York City Police Department was fatally shot in the forehead Tuesday evening in Harlem. Mr. Holder had worked for the NYPD for five years.

According to the IMA (inbred mutant albino / European) media, Mr. Holder was chasing an armed multiracial man who had been involved in a gun fight with a couple of rivals.

When police arrived at the scene, in plain clothes, the gun man took a bike by force and started to shoot at police who were pursuing him. While in pursuit, Officer Randolph Holder was shot in the forehead and later died at Harlem Hospital.

Holder was the fourth NYPD officer killed in the line of duty in the past 11 months.

Recall that on Dec. 20, officers Wenjian Liu, 32, and Rafael Ramos, 40, were ambushed and assassinated by Ishmael Brinsley in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn — and Officer Brian Moore, 25, was gunned down and killed on May the 9th by Demetrius Blackwell.

No sane African person mourns the deaths of these Police Officers; only the self-loathing, insane or traitorous by nature would.

African people must remember that anyone wearing a police uniform is tacitly or clearly agreeing to the ongoing democide against African people in America by IMAs.


3 thoughts on “Working for the Enemy: African-American Police

    1. We already know Jews are snakes. This is not news. But aren’t Jews of European descent? I assume you believe Jews are not white right? And even if you see them as different it doesn’t let whites off the hook. Whites as a whole have never gotten along with any racial group on history. They kill,rape and colonize every where they go. They committed genocide on over 50 million Native Americans. And slaughtered at 25 million Africans during slavery. And that’s a conservative estimate. So please stop with all the copy and paste BS! You are not educating anyone on this blog. I have over 500 books in my library. I have studied African,Chinese,Russian,Indian,Jewish and Japanese history. So please stop the whole Jewish conspiracy crap. I already know Jews own most film and tv companies. As well as newspapers. What you don’t seem to grasp is that most Pan Africans still see Jews and whites as enemies. They’re one in the same. Jews are deceptive lying snakes. But whites are racist savage barbarians.


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