Examining Dr. Amos N. Wilson’s Lectures and Books so as to Attain African Liberation from up Under Ima (White) Domination

One of the primary reasons I created this blog was to promote more dialogue between Africans or Blacks about Dr. Amos N. Wilson’s books and lectures. The following video is one of my favorites. Dr. Wilson seamlessly explains and dismantles how African or Black professionals subconsciously or consciously facilitate and support destructive Ima (European or inbred mutant albino) hegemonic imperatives against African or Black people under the guise they are being objective experts. Please enjoy and more importantly discuss.


8 thoughts on “Examining Dr. Amos N. Wilson’s Lectures and Books so as to Attain African Liberation from up Under Ima (White) Domination

  1. I recently had an online discussion with a continental African sister regarding neo-colonialism. During our exchange I came to the conclusion that the core of our problem was not so much “bad leadership” as it was the power relationships which inhere between Africans and Europeans. Europeans can more easily influence/shape the political behavior of African leaders than can authentic Africans themselves.

    It’s lectures like this by Amos Wilson that have helped me see the bigger picture and how social power shapes African behavior, including political behavior. Only with the right analysis can you begin to arrive at the right solutions.

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    1. Trust is lacking within the African collective, causing Africans to have weak social relations. Social relations move ideas and people. Social relations create hierarchies. The social power model most profusely rejected by Africans across the globe is the US model. Those I have spoken to find the US very stratified. They come here and bemoan that in their home country everyone is treated fairly the same. Yet, it is not a question of being equal. A barber’s judgement should not have as much weight as a doctors when diagnosing and illness; a police officers’ judgement should not have as much weight as a geologist to determine soil contamination; and a engineer’s judgment should not have as much weight as a farmer when it comes to growing crops.

      All Africans should be paid fairly the same rate (this wholes true for citizens of Scandinavian countries except for those who work in the banking sector); yet, there would still need to be a hierarchical system to be accepted. Africans due to either the collective’s ego blow refuse to trust other Africans and follow a hierarchical system. This is due to a lack of trust.

      This trust factor backfires of course sometimes as it did in Norway when the homosexual Ima, Anders Breivik killed 77 people over a span of 5-6 hours. After bombing a government building in Oslo, he was virtually given safe passage to an island where a youth camp had been taking place. The Norwegians, due to their socialization, trusted this Ima would not betray them in such a way since they usually don’t. They were looking for Muslims.

      The same can be said about the engineer Josef Fritzl of Austria who built an underground dungeon for his daughter, raped her, and had several children with her. He was a pillar in his community and a successful businessman. Indeed, he had raped a woman by knife point when he was 18, convicted of the crime; yet, after serving only 18 months, his record was erased 10 years later. All of this could not have happened if he did not have a social network, a social network that respected and adhered to a recognized hierarchy.

      I point out these incidents to show how much other groups rely on trust.

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      1. But the question which must be ask is, how can trust between African people be built? Why do other people trust their own more than we do?


  2. No. Not faith. Propaganda.
    IMAs control everything important:
    – Time (any form, from the dates & calendar to who is late & what time you need to work, study or do whatever)
    – Numbers (grades at school, salaries, how many children is a good # depending of who you are, statistics, and we even trust them with our stats on youtube videos…. hilarious)
    – Words (the vehicules of our consciousness, the minute we learn their words, we also learn their ways. When you look at old movies, songs, etc., it’s weird to realize you never noticed the many curses, all the nonesense and all, but now that we’re older and know more vocabulary, we look back and suddenly realize how well they shaped our minds, through bibles, mangas, tv series and so forth. 24/7 propaganda of any shape and form.)
    – Finance/money/economy/trade: Africans will NEVER far well with money as a means of exchange. It’s 100% against our mindset, value & understanding. All our forefathers & mothers have fought against that, and now our people value themselves based on that?! The sad part is that a financial system was created just like the modern concept of property by IMAs to shift our wealth into their hands. Think about it, if the land is already yours and the food water shelter help and relationship are free, who in their right mind would pay for it. Irony. I use to read all the reports on Blacks/Africans living “under” a dollar a day snd believed as if I wasn’t one of them and couldn’t see reality with my own eyes. My grand-parents had lands, skills, cattle and 13 kids. BUT made the mistake of sending 2 (only 2 !) to school longer… and the nonsense started. They had assets & skills & kids – also known as wealth/prosperity, posterity/perennity. And zero money. Had to use cows and bananas to send them to school. Now my father has pretty much lost ALL his assets and his kids are MIA, including myself hiding from their selfhating nonsense and the JC BS I can’t stand to hear no more. And my generation never had the assets to begin with. But oddly enough we have a looooottt more money. The idiot who think a morgage is actually “allowing” them to “buy”a “condo” amaze me the most. Anyway.


  3. My comment on monotheism yesterday never showed up, I realize. Short version: we are monotheist since times immomoral. No hotep thing you need to dig in the soil. I’m speaking about a living god we still call Imana. Never heard of that I’m sure. Have seen what the people from the countries experiencing genocide look like? No people in Africa has hate enough to create a genocide, but for some reason after building a kingdom, with. 1 king, 1 God, 1 people speaking 1 language and groeing fast and trading with all, all of a sudden we started hating each other and distrusting our kind? No it was no hate, it was strategy, if distrust there was people would no have trusted their neighbour to the point of being killed without even thinking of defending or preparing to defend themselves. I actually had a gd-pa who trust his neighbours too much… not knowing someone was telling them to save their own lives by killing their new found “ennemy” the guy they used to consider their own. IMAs control the story, the genocide one like all the others. and it’s just lies. Please go read a fake story teller/poet they named Jean de la Fontaine. Especially the Fox & the crow it’s translated online without the rhyms. It tells how they fngage with us. Then read the wolf and the lamb, and tell me if you don’t see their justice system depicted there. I’m sure this dude just took the African griots way of telling stories using talking animals – there’s no lions in France – and a lesson at the end. One story I like is the turtle & the hare. Africans have now become the turtle…
    All that to say what? Propaganda is our only solution, hence prophet Amos short life. And not any kind of propaganda. The positive one – just like the crow. We are positive people and need positive charge to recharge our batteries. Think about it, why Blacks believe in God even if it’s a white skinny dude that looks nothing like them. My parents like all other blacks fell for the nonesense because everything was positive positive positive. All negative was hidden. We on the other hand received the negative and it’s killing us. Including the charge of your videos. I like what you say, but you should have a second channel that speaks on positivity of Blacks. I watched a video on Zimbabwe and because if was a woman making a vlog the ImA propaganda was not in it. She showed me the dream life I had years ago, especially her natural haired friend with a cute daughter on a poney… I wad like… wait a minute. The lions and beautiful nature I knew, but you guys are supposed to be dying out there!! Not having fun, especially not with the daughter & poney from MY dream! And yet, I knew that was not a fake video, cause I’ve been trying like


  4. Too long comments & too many typos. Not easy on those not-so-smart-phone. Sorry.
    Well, you get the idea. All our efforts should go to show the positive, even if it’s not real yet. Like the story you wrote. We already see our flaws and we’re even using a magnifing glass to spot everything. But we need the exact opposite. You saying the picture is gorgeous has more power than a story on how Black men marry many women . awe hear of that all the time. And it’s not even that Africsn to begin with. Did you know that to get a woman where I come from you have to pay a dowry, traditionnally cows, and mariage has more formal steps, even funerals do and span on a whole year at least, and orchestrated to make people feel better not worse, by making sure the person is remembered, etc. Even a bad person is remembered for the good they’ve done. But we assume we’re bad people from the start?? What nonsense.
    Look at another example. Natural hair movement – they could use the title for the most positive comment section what ever the video and style featured. IMAs have tried and failed miserably at destroying our image (Umar’s scandal & lesbians/BLM activists, texture discrimination) we ignored all of that and kept rocking the fros, making the videos and now are even showing daily vlogs and building fares and hair accademies! You think they don’t know that? Right before the daily killings of blacks they starting the propaganda with ALL channels I know on ALL continents about Black women going back to natural. Last time when was it? The 60s, they lost a lot (especially Africa) they were not going to let us go back to that and that’s the message behind the killings that we decided to ignore, only a few went back to straight hair or others hide it “for the winter”… But now they’ve found their best ally, our men. 2 kinds: the Tariq Nasheed/TommyS/DavidC/PhilAdvisenonsense show who bash BWomen and do the IRR thing publicly to make us feel bad and the second kind: the pro-black men who say they love us BUT relay all the negativity they see on TV – I don’t own one but thanks to you or Nizzotheartist I’m always exposed to TV bad news. The sad part is it wasn’t like that before. I still watch Nizzo’s old videos for positive encouragement, like his discouragement video. compare that to Blk pryde angry videos and curses that just breaks me every time to the point I can finish one, while I’m sleeping with sn old nizzo video. So the real question is this: are you going to help us build or are you going to distract us with everything IMAs do? They do wrong, it’s in their nature. We do good, it’s ours. They spread deserts, we spread and generate life. To each it’s job, and let nature take care of them. They are none of our business, we need to separate in our minds, before we can physically. And you and the likes of Nizzo, and maybe Irritated Genie (if change his name – I’d see him with something like Prince Edem or Warrior Sheja (Pride) – and his rethoric, we need to hear of our great deeds, of how we made it in the past, even if it’s small victory, they’ll speak to more people because we all go through them and make small changes every day. Young black men were not running from bullets in those shootings in cinemas, they SAVED lives/IMAs families. WHY? Because IMA propaganda show them they are weak and cowards (though do much stronger) when facing Police guns but when facing murderers or even monsters/zombies/jihadists are whatnot they are supposed (and in fact do) change into duper hero that dodge AND take bullets to protect IMA madam and her babies. WillSmith syndrom my friend. AKA Black Saint/Hellishweird negro hero always here to save Brunette & Blondie. Fast forward to today my own brother that used to protect me against those IMAs will now jump at my throat if I was to so much as blink the wrong way at one of those gourgandines he keeps bringing home. And it’s not because he lack education, no. He was educated by them, at school, in our gardens by his IMA friends, and through TV & music. I noticed you yourself stopped posting after that video on cop ambushed, the type of thing they would NEVER let circulate cause it could have massive impact, and it’s not even necessary. Use positive propaganda and ask you’re fellow male to do the same. We’ll win using OUR weapons, not theirs. And don’t forget Karma.
    We don’t need to tell them that we’ll breed them out, it’s actually dumb and dangerous, and most importantly unnecessary. They have MGTOW, their bad genes and hate for one another, and earth can’t stand them either… look at the maps where are the good fertile lands and rained upon forests? where are the deserts? IMAs are in Brazil destroying ghd Amazonia as we speak and if so called Arabs (which used to mean black btw) have oil and are going through the last drops of underground water now, it’s because not so long ago these lands used to be beautiful forests populated by blacks. Even the fake Jws have managed in less than 60 years to reduce the Dead Sea by 2/3!!! Well that sea is going to be dead for real soon, that’s why they fight so much, with their neighbours but also with the rest of the world, and also why they need to keep us black folks this close to them and under their control. On earth we generate the wealth they need, no matter what it is. Why did they try to use Blacks to promote LGBT nonesense? We could sell ice to eskimos, they know that. Hence the IRR.
    Sorry this was supposed to be a short comment, but I ended up writing a whole article! Ha!Ha!
    Anyway, I hope it was not too “all over the place”. Keep fighting the good fight. We need to smarten up. Prophet Amos made a mistake when he started to call directly for war without sn army, and we can’t bring him back to life now – the vids can do so much… We can’t afford to lose more brilliant minds. So please, add more content on our past victories, our current accomplishments, words of wisdom, tells story like the one Nizzo posted on the bird in a cage, though a little sad, it makes us reflect on our own lives make changes. We are so much powerful than what we think. I saw a disgusting (really) video on how they used to open skulls in the savanna, without anesthesia or alcohol or proper tools, just keeping the person alive by using his body mind and spirit – the whole prep time of the traditional “surgeon” took days, involved all sorts of singing and rituals… IMAs had to change the size of their bullets in the USA because of the strengh of our bodies. I saw the son of a friend… about 2-3 years old get his fingers caught in a closing door (heavy door but a mecanism prevented it to shut brutally at once) still the finger was both flat and twisted. While I (the no kids ignorant chick) was screaming for an ambulance, another young friend, single mother of 2 (yeah! one of those black women everybody bash without once thinking of the sacrifice) grabbed the little boy hand, and though he was crying, she vigorously massaged his finger until it went back to its normal (though swollen) shape. And he even stopped crying. He was just really calm for an hour or two. I can tell you I stopped looking at him the same. I was like in a looney toon viedo or something, cause only in comics and anime do we see people/animals being flattened and twisted like that regain their form in an instant. Not to mention I’ve never seend a 3 year old IMA move a sofa like this little boy did when the ball we were playing with would roll underneath. If that was portayed instead of the nonesense, we would regain a sense of self worth. IMAs are so scare now they are displaying their military AIRCRAFTS (!!) passing through buildings in the safest of cities!! with bogus reasons! The # of police/army staff has inscreased in a number of years. They are the ones scared, not us. They are just trying to flip the script and say that we need to be scared. Of who? Those who need all that to defend themselves against unarmed people? Yeah right.


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