Armed Black Panthers Protest at Waller County Jail

About 25 armed Black Panther members marched outside the Waller County Jail in Hempstead, Texas Wednesday to protest the arrest of Sandra Bland, as well as other crimes against African/Black people.

A huge contingent of white law enforcement officers and their lackeys were on hand for the protest, which lasted for about two hours and led to no violence or arrests. This past Sunday, protesters were forcibly evicted after attempting to storm the jail’s lobby. Two elderly people were injured.

Bland, 28, was found hanged in her Waller County Jail Cell on July 13, three days after a state trooper arrested her after claiming he had an altercation with her at a traffic stop. Her death was ruled a suicide, but questions remain whether her arrest was necessary, and if her death was a due to negligence, or if she was murdered.

Given the history of White police departments, African/Black people should be very leery and suspicious of any narrative the police present as the truth. Nonetheless, while White authorities were no doubt alerted of the planned demonstration and march, the mere fact a group of African/Black people, and their multiracial comrades, held guns while protesting is a phenomenal and healthy response by African/Black people in the USA to White violence against them.


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