Investigating Black Lives Matter: A Black Homosexual Movement Directed by Imas (Whites)

The Ima (white / inbred mutant albino) media has been documenting, castigating, and lauding the activities of the Black Lives Matter’s organization, a group founded by three lesbian African-Americans.

However, when I researched the Black Lives Matter’s organizational structure and how chapters were formed, I realized this movement was incubated outside the African-American community and its primary aim is to promote homosexuality.

Thus, the slogan, Black Lives Matter, although righteous, is an example of an Ima agenda to eradicate the African American community via social engineering.

Founders of the NAACP: Moorfield Storey, Mary White Ovington and W.E.B. Du Bois.

Black Lives Matter! How can I argue against such a statement? Easily!  Since the organizers shouting this slogan have made it risible.

How can Black Lives Matter when a group supports homosexuality?

How can Black Lives Matter when a group supports abortion?


After watching a recent interview with the alleged BLM co-founder, Patrisse Cullors, I came to the conclusion – Ms. Cullors was far from being the brains behind the organization.

In the video Ms.Cullors can be seen noticeably reading from a script, relaying ambiguous answers, and regurgitating Ima, left wing, talking points.

At that point I became thunderstruck – the amount of effort and time Imas had taken to inculcate disorder and create a pseudo African American grassroots movement, a movement designed to primarily expand the status quo to homosexuals and normalize their behavior, was astonishing.

The African community in the USA must understand the so called Black Lives Matter’s organization is funded by George Soros, an Ima billionaire.

It is not an organic organization born from the bosom of African woman who have the best interest of the African American collective at heart, nor is it funded by African-Americans, a necessary component for any true African grassroots organization.


Patrisse Cullors, deviants, and their Ima enablers will continue to persuade African youth and easily manipulated adults to adopt a defective approach to fighting Ima (white) hegemony. An approach if unchanged will lead to African people’s biological extinction in the USA.

However, Black lives do matter. But the slogan holds true only when it is emphasized that a union between a black man and woman and the celebration and protection of their offspring, from conception to adulthood, is central to its meaning. Any other use of the slogan Black Lives Matter is deceptive Ima propaganda.


9 thoughts on “Investigating Black Lives Matter: A Black Homosexual Movement Directed by Imas (Whites)

  1. The Imas used the same modus operandi for the so-called “civil rights movement”. They used homosexuals, integrationists, hybrids, and Afrikans who were in love with whites to create a fake movement and destroy the tenuous Afrikan group cohesion that existed in the USA. The Imas taught the civil rights leadership communism and liberalism and then these duped front-men & women repeated this nonsense to the media. The Imas often use templates and business models and then reapply them to different contexts. They will soon export this model to Afrika once the testing in the USA is successful.

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  2. Slavery and colonialism are distant memories for Blacks but a guide on how to rule for Whites ( Pinks). In Africa they would always empower the less intelligent groups and attack those who clearly understood what European approaching sovereign African nations meant. They must always set up one group they control and pit them against the strong. Divide and conquer. Blacks don’t realize they are at war because we don’t study military science.

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    1. “In Africa they would always empower the less intelligent groups and attack those who clearly understood what European approaching sovereign African nations meant.”
      Very well said! They have been using that tactic for very long time.

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  3. I suspect BLM started at a times where there was a lot of heat for crimes committed against indigenous peoples therefore it took the spotlight away from
    the atrocities / crimes committed against ingenious people that was the focus discussions of the day.


  4. Hoover FBI was faggot and racist. We need to close down BLM, they getting Black people to protest on the freeway which makes no sense. This organisation is to mislead and misdirect Black people if you’re Pro Black you can’t be a faggot.


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