Race is not a Social Construct

Race is not a Soical Construct2
Tawny Willoughby – 27 years old

Scientist observe the world around them, formulate a hypothesis, test the hypothesis, and if the hypothesis is proven correct, it becomes a theory. This mechanism is called the Scientific Method.

Race is not a Soical Construct8
Jeneil Williams – 22 years old

The theory I am purporting is that African people are the original incarnation of the human species, and all other so called races are subspecies of the African. Thus, derivations of the human species; derivations which are biologically inferior to the African.

Are White People Just Albino Indians?
Are White People Just Albino Indians?

The African has distinct traits secured by its segregation on the continent of Africa which occurred over hundreds of thousands of years. These traits are what most people refer to when they distinguish Africans from other races (subspecies of the African).

Jeneil Williams
Jeneil Williams

While the African and its subspecies can interbreed, the offspring of these unions lose distinctive healthy biological traits rendering them less human.

Race is not a Soical Construct9

Let’s take for instance the color of  human skin. It is widely agreed by scientist that a brown to black skin complexion is ideal to fend off the development of skin cancer. Thus, individuals and entire groups whom usually develop skin cancer are those who lack the ability to produce sufficient amounts of melanin. According to Cancer Research UK:

There were around 55,500 deaths from malignant melanoma worldwide in  2012 (0.7% of total cancer deaths). Malignant melanoma mortality rates are  highest in Australia/New Zealand and lowest in South Central Asia, but this partly reflects varying data quality worldwide.

James Rebhorn, famous IMA actor, died of skin cancer
James Rebhorn, famous IMA actor, died of skin cancer

I am unaware of any phenotypical traits that cause as many deaths as the lack of melanin does for non-Africans. Nonetheless, I bring this up not to promote melanin theory, but to point out how traits, phenotypical traits, are real and have real consequences; consequences such as death.

IMA (inbred mutant albino / white) biological, genetic, social and more importantly political scientist decided to promote the idea of “Race is a Social Construct” when they themselves observed how inferior they were biologically to Africans. It is important to understand this so as to comprehend why IMAs promote the idea that”Race is a Social Construct”. Their aim is to eliminate any formidable opposition to their “man made arrangements” which were based on the idea of “race”. By doing so, IMAs keep the power they have accumulated and perpetuate their worldwide hegemony”.

Race is not a Soical Construct10

As an African Centered Biological Nationalist, I see the flaw in accepting the idea that “Race is a Social Construct”. The concept intends to diffuse African peoples’ purposes and misdirect their goals. Goals such as seeking absolute power based on shared ancestral history and traits.

The mantra “Race is a Social” construct is disseminated throughout the IMA media and school system. Yet, it is just another example of IMA casuistry. Casuistry which aims to dissemble reality.



10 thoughts on “Race is not a Social Construct

  1. IMA leftist came up with the lie “Race is a social construct” to disrupt any social cohesion amongst groups. It also is a more sophisticated and visibly less racist version of divide and conquer. Since White pathology has altered the African brain into self hate, brain dead Negroes when trying to defend the one drop rule often quote this non sense. Just like you have idiots talking about the curse of ham. Dr. Amos N Wilson, said it best, that the African child is not a White child with black color. Africans have a different psychology, history and culture based upon hundreds of thousands of years of evolution. Africans must not accept these European lies and myths. The We are all human rhetoric means that Europeans have a right to the world and a right to meddle in the affairs of others. They are using their racist past to try and manipulate people into not kicking them out in places they don’t belong.

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    1. So exactly what makes Blacks more human then Whites? Are you seriously trying to imply that Europeans and East Asians are somehow inferior due to the relatively minuscule amount of Neanderthal DNA they carry? I find this highly unlikely for myriad reasons, such as the lack of evidence of any genetic defects that could have resulted from this pairing. In fact, in my research There is evidence that it may have been beneficial as it may have bestowed immunity`s to certain diseases.Its just to early to tell what, if any effect it has had at all. Is it this extremely dubious scenario about mutants albino`s and inbreeding? If so, you seem to have a misinformed view concerning the nature of evolution. Mutation for example, You seem to see it in a strictly negative light. It is an essential part of the evolutionary process . particularly in genetic alteration. Mutation often produces variations that are of a positive nature and can increase an individuals chances for survival, on rare occasions they can lead to disease and death. Most often they lead to changes that are neither good nor bad, just different. Nature favors variety and diversity Now to address the inbreeding.First off,your putting wrong label on it as i assume you are referring to the Neanderthal Eurasian link. Interbreeding is more accurate term, as your implying breeding within separate species.Which is Hybridization However, i am not at all sure which argument to make on this subject, since the majority of commentators on this page cant seem to make up their minds on whether Non Africans are human or not.One thing i am certain of is that Africans, Asians Europeans etc Are all of the same race. I find validity and a bit of irony in this fact merely by examining the attributes we all seem to share, Such as bigotry, Ignorance, Denial, Hubris, Greed, Vanity. What i hope will also share is Compassion,Reason, Empathy and Forgiveness,If not, We Humans, or Sub Humans and Humans alike, are a sorry lot indeed. And no one`s hands are clean. If you insist on playing the blame game, judge yourself first, and then try to put yourself in the other mans shoes.and if want a litany sins then yes Europeans practiced slavery, As did Asians and Africans.Yes there are a lot of White Bigots. but it is hardly singular to Europeans. indeed the majority of whats on this page makes it very clear that you and White Supremacist are two of a kind.i could go on and on,and bring up Hitler then counter with The widespread forced female genitalia mutilation in Africa and hell why stop there. I could bring up the Nanking Massacre, European Colonialism and its role in Slavery and the near extinction of indigenous Americans
      The Rwandan Genocide all Evil, all past, Its time to move on. I realize it wont be easy. Especially when you have All these Whites afraid of change and you people on here with your One Race is equated with divide and conquer.are you so insecure about losing your victim-hood that you see the prospect of racial unity as a bad thing? I am keenly aware that not a damn thing i said it going change your minds. and in maybe another 200 years there wont be anymore White people which no doubt thrills you, but i also know the world will not become a utopia either. Instead of all the hate towards the IMA`S It will towards those not deemed Black enough. It is inevitable Nature wants us to mix while we Asians Americans, Africans and Europeans all strive to be the new Nazi`s

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  2. This s a much needed post. I remember when I was seven years old in grade school. A white teacher told the class that race was irrelevant. Your race and color doesn’t matter in the world. Our skin color maybe different but we are all the same inside. How funny is that?lol What a pile of horse manure! This social construct nonsense needs to be exposed. Thank you for this post.


  3. White culture has a constant need to debase African people. I just realized how Whites are constantly comparing Blackness to homosexuality/transgender/cross gender. I notice how when talking about Rachel Dolezal, the mulatto MHP mentioned the transgender/cross dressing….. Notice how the homosexual don’t like to be mentioned with paedophila. But on MSNBC this mulatto brings two freaks on her show and mentions the History of Africans with homosexuality/transgendered/cross dressing. White Culture had a biological need to debase and hate Africans.

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  4. He who fights monsters should see to it that he himself does not become a monster My god, you people are almost comically racist jackasses. and dont give me any of that only white people can be racist hypocrisy.Did any of you geniuses even read that article? I guess you can put a spin on anything to make it fit your bigoted agenda. There were no startling confessions of being Albino mutants, That guy merely pointed out that The incidence of European`s developing light features occurred much more previous than originally believed. And yeah, he acknowledged that Europeans and Asians did indeed interbreed with Neanderthals. Which leaves me to a Question, So What?. It obviously had no negative affects on us as is evidenced by the fact that us IAM`S or what ever imbecilic moniker you gave us have higher IQ`S than you and the East Asians who have a higher degree of Mutant blood are highestperiod. I found it quite amusing the way you worded the comment about us sunburning easier than you as if it was just one of many genetic advantage’s you have over us I mean seriously, is that the best you can come up with? Let me backtrack for a minute before i punch holes in your ridiculous scientific theory. I would actually prefer not to mud sling with you as i genuinely believe that no Ethnicity has any huge edge over another. I will grant you that the IQ disparity is mostly due to environmental factors and not because your any dumber than us. I think its mostly due to your pissy attitudes, and victim mentality which just love to wallow in..but if i must fence with you on this matter then i must. My first point, If were are so inferior and inhuman how did the mighty Black race become victims to our Ancestors. Also if we are making comparisons here , what is the lowly subspecies immune to sickle Cell? Why is Diabetes, High Blood pressure Heart disease less prevalent among us inferior beings?? Oh and while i have your attention i must adress the guy who said that all Neolithic people were Black, i must again ask did you not read the article? Those DNA Samples from Europe that had negroid features were from before the last glacial Maxium. recent DNA studies on people from Great Britain show that almost 60% of their DNA Comes from Neolithic Hunter Gatherers and before you even say anything i know what you will say, Its all big conspiracy.Their data is in error something like that and again i have to ask why? What difference does it make who got here first, they probably did have dark skin i dont deny that the first people were Black.. Its a non issue to me.it dosent even qualify as an inconvenient truth. which im gonna throw a few of those your way. Chiefly and im being completely serious now, You all need to do a little self reflecting here be honest with yourselves, you are some hardcore bigots.how can you stand to have all that hate bottled up in yourselves. I know im wasting my time here trying to be rational with you but im gonna do it anyway. Whether you like it or not, We are related.Everybody traces their roots to Africa. I have no problem admitting that some of my ancestors done some inhuman shit. But that was them not me. I never owned slaves. I do not support Trump or people like him. i know a lot of racist people of all colors. and i do not count myself as one of them. I genuinely believe that it was random chance that people of my color ended up in the driver-seat of life and pulled some of the shit that they did. but we dont have to be enemies. I assure you that working stiffs like me enjoy very little so called white privileged. If things get so bad that there is a race war, You wont even be an annoyance on the rich who dont rate me any higher than you. and i dont imply that they should. Personally i think we are supposed to mix.I have had a couple of black girlfriends one i was with for a couple of years, we are still friends. but both of them used to tell me that Blacks were more racist than whites and i never believed them until now. actually i still dont, i know a lot of white people who are just as angry as you all. i choose to be better than that. one more inconvenient truth, to much pride over heritage is a breeding ground for hate and its just pointless, why does it matter where we started, Africa is just a name on a map. whether you like it or not, we are just as human as you. im done, bring on the hate. i have said my piece so i wont respond, its futile like hate


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