IMA (white) Terrorist Kills 6 Black Women and 3 Black Men in Charleston, South Carolina at African Methodist Church

June 17 – Emanuel AME Church, S.C 

At about 8 pm, an IMA  (white) male described to be “clean shaven” and  about 21 years old, wearing blue jeans and Timberlands, sat down with Black church goers and participated in a bible study with them. After an hour, he stood up and started shooting them. Six Black females and three Black males were killed by the IMA .

The IMA media took a while before releasing the death toll; thus, I knew it would be high.

The terrorist is still at large.

Picture of killer

Be ready for the same role out of IMA “authority” figures asking for peace; be ready for Negroes (brain dead Africans) crying  and praying for calm. On the other hand, what can an African man expect otherwise from Africans in America when they are socialized, trained, and employed by IMAs. Africans in America by this process have become hellbent on approaching a military people (IMAs) with flowers?

African  people in America refuse to admit they are allowing their best interest to be dictated by their historical enemy, IMAs.

The only positive takeaway from this situation is I won’t hear Negroes say they are “blessed”, well not convincingly.


2 thoughts on “IMA (white) Terrorist Kills 6 Black Women and 3 Black Men in Charleston, South Carolina at African Methodist Church

  1. This is a tragedy. But to be expected in a racist mutant police state. The government don’t care about dead black people. This country was built from the dead Africans. There will probably be calls for peace by the usually suspects. I’m sure our mulatto President will tell everyone to remain calm. But I do hope they catch this white piece of dog crap. Hopefully he will do us a favor and shoot himself.
    On a side note,isn’t it strange how police have killed many unarmed black men. Yet when these albinos go on a shooting rampage….the police manage to apprehend them alive? Strange isn’t it?


  2. I have a question for the followers of this blog.
    I was debating a white co-worker a few years ago. I said that these shootings were an act of white terrorism on blacks. Of course he disagreed. He said they were isolated events. He said terrorism was only associated with evil acts done by people from the Middle East. What do you guys think? What do you think is the correct terminology for these acts of violence?


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