IMA Impersonates African Woman Becomes NAACP President

Rachel Dolezal, the president of the Spokane, Washington, NAACP, has been falsely portraying herself as a black woman,

Her biological parents claim she is misrepresenting “major portions of her life,” including being born white. As the city’s mayor says it has opened an investigation and is gathering facts to determine if any city policies were violated, Dolezal is denying these accusations.

“Actually, I don’t like the term African-American; I prefer black. So, if asked, I would say, yes, I consider myself to be black,” Dolezal said to Spokane affiliate KREM.

But Dolezal’s biological parents say that’s just not true.

“Our daughter is primarily German and Czech and of European descent,” her mother said.

Her parents, Ruthanne and Larry, live in a rural home in Troy, Montana.


Her father described a young Dolezal as blonde, blue-eyed and freckled-face.

“No way to get around it,” he said.

The couple say their daughter is pretending to be someone she’s not.

“Rachel has wanted to be somebody she’s not. She’s chosen not to just be herself but to represent herself as an African-American woman or a biracial person,” Ruthanne said.

Dolezal’s biography at Eastern Washington University says she received her master’s degree from Howard University, a historically black college in Washington, D.C.

The television station KREM-TV obtained police reports in which Dolezal claims to be the victim of several hate crimes. They found that police responded but no suspects were identified and no arrests were ever made.

She said the only ones questioning her identity are Larry and Ruthanne.

“I don’t give two (expletive) what they think,” Dolezal said.

“It’s more important for me to clarify that with the black community and my executive board than with people who don’t understand,” she said.

In the past, Dolezal has identified herself as a mix of black, white and Native American.

Dolezal dismisses the controversy as little more than an ugly byproduct of family dysfunction.


14 thoughts on “IMA Impersonates African Woman Becomes NAACP President

  1. This is a glaring example of why African Center Biological Nationalism is the most important ideology/culture of out lifetime. This woman proves without a shadow of a doubt that IMAs plan to exterminate African people like they did the Indigenous of what is called Australia and America. Mosley Maybin proving herself to be what I thought she was. NAACP.. Is what Garvey said it was. It will be Negroes defend this fuckery.

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  2. This albino bitch needs her head cut off! This is modern day black face. This is the lowest of the low. This proves that these cave beasts will stoop to anything. She can go straight to hell! I would love to meet this whore in person. She needs her ass beat!!!!

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  3. That mutant is ugly as sin! The NAACP is an embarrassment. That organization is full of a bunch of self hating coons! They don’t represent the masses of black people anymore. They have old outdated ideas and are controlled by whites anyway. This ugly mutant bitch exposes how outdated they really are. This exposure was a blessing in disguise.

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  4. I am may sound mean, but I have to be honest.I don’t why blacks are so shocked about Rachael Dolezal. We got stuck with her because of that malady that has haunted us since slavery. You know it as “colorism”. There are millions of blacks who long to resemble Rachael. That white skin fascinates them, those light eyes she has sends tingles down their spine and that hair thick long and as our Traumatic Slave syndrome brothers and sisters say, her hair it looks like it’s a “good grade”. That’s probably why good old what to be black Rachael got away with not having a serious and complete back ground check. The men or women at the NAACP just took one look at her through color struck eyes and no further questions about her were needed. Why complain about her then? They were so busy scanning the forest they couldn’t see the trees.


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