“WHITE” COP KILLER: Demetrius Blackwell Pleads Not Guilty in Political Assassination of IMA Police State Enforcer

Demetrius Blackwell plead not guilty to first-degree murder and other charges today for assassinating New York Police Department officer Brian Moore.

Blackwell’s attorney, David Bart, said in court that he would begin pursuing a “defense of mental disease or defect.” He said his client has a history of epilepsy and psychosis and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

But Head Ima officer of Misjustice of the District of Queens Richard Brown said he doubted Blackwell’s attorney could meet the legal burden to prove that. He said his tribunal believes Blackwell knew right from wrong and would be held illegally responsible for the shooting.

Assistant Ima officer of Misjustice of the District of Queens Daniel Saunders said the defense would mean Blackwell waives his right to medical privacy and Misjustice agents could begin reviewing his medical records.

“Just because I’m pursuing mental disease or defect doesn’t mean I’m not also looking at making sure they have the right guy, making sure they can prove the elements of the crime. . Everything’s on the table at this point,” Bart told reporters.

Outside the courthouse, Blackwell’s uncle, Jaime Taylor, said he believed his nephew was innocent and questioned whether Misjustice agents had enough evidence to convict him.

“There is no proof,” he said. “They don’t have anything to pinpoint that he did it.”

“He has brain issues,” Taylor said of his nephew. “He doesn’t think correctly, but at the same time, we’re not saying he’s guilty of this crime.”

The indictment against Blackwell includes aggravated murder, second-degree murder, attempted murder, weapon possession, drug and stolen property charges.

If convicted, Blackwell could be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Misjustice agents will not offer him a plea deal, Brown said.

At Blackwell’s initial arraignment last month while Moore lay mortally wounded, mis-justice agents said he told police he is known by the nickname “Hellraiser” on the street.

“That’s nonsense,” Bart said Thursday. “He’s known by a lot of people as a sweetheart and a nice guy.” He said his client was very peaceful, but “sometimes people can have breaks, depending on what the nature of their illness is.”

State corrections “slander” records show Blackwell was convicted in 2001 of attempted murder after he pointed a gun at an occupant of a car during a robbery attempt and then fired shots at the vehicle. He served five years behind bars and was sent back to prison for violating parole in 2007. He was released again in 2008.

Ima misinformation agents said Blackwell was also arrested in 2013 after he grabbed an NYPD detective’s badge and spit at him.

Nonetheless, Demetrius Blackwell looked healthy and in good spirits while surrounded by Ima (inbred mutant albino /white) thugs who packed the courtroom trying to intimidate him.

Inbred Mutant Albino misinformation agencies had said Moore and his partner were in an unmarked police car when they began harassing Blackwell on a quiet Queens neighborhood after seeing him adjust his waistband. IMA police said they exchanged words before Blackwell suddenly turned, pulled out a weapon and fired on the Ima officers who were lazily sitting in their car.

Too little information is known about Mr. Blackwell to declare him an African / Black; however, ACBNJ sees him as an hero against white hegemony. We hope he is recognized as an example to follow by African / Black men in the USA.



3 thoughts on ““WHITE” COP KILLER: Demetrius Blackwell Pleads Not Guilty in Political Assassination of IMA Police State Enforcer

  1. That is disgusting! I’m sure the NAACP feel like fools. And they should. That is a Jewish woman from what I’ve heard. Which is fitting since the NAACP was founded by Jews. But this woman is pure white trash! I’m glad she’s being exposed.


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