Negro of the Year: Sheriff David Clarke

This Uncle Tom is beyond reprehensible. For a man to be devoid of so much pride is remarkable and absurd.

I imagine he is the type who declares his great grand mother was an Indjun.

By the way Congressman Hakeem Jeffries is the nephew of Dr. Leonard Jeffries. Interesting. 


5 thoughts on “Negro of the Year: Sheriff David Clarke

  1. Leonard Jeffries is his uncle?? I didn’t know that. That is very interesting indeed. But this fool is clearly a buck dancing Uncle Tom. A self hating coon of the worst kind. Is that ugly mutant his wife? With his mindset I wouldn’t be surprised at all. These types really disgust me.

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  2. I should’ve known the white beast was his wife. I never understood why someone would want to reproduce with a knuckle dragging cave bitch. They’re destroying their genetics. But I guess that’s the point. Traitors are full of self hate. He is a disgrace yet I like knowing who the traitors are. It gives me a heads up on who is raising the white flag. This punk is no great loss in the struggle for liberation. Let the mutants have him. But when they turn on him he will get no sympathy from me.

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